Ability to Batch Pricing Changes for Variations of an Item

So, I design rings. For some of my designs I offer variations in select sizes. 


For example: My Bronze Rose Ring Design.

I offer it in the 1.Single Rose style $45, 2.Double Rose Style $50, and 3.Triple Rose Style $60

I then offer each style in a variety of US ring sizes.


Once I put a price into the listing (and I can only put in one price), that becomes the base price and that number copies itself to all options for all ring styles and sizes, which works out to 60 different listings. $45 is filled in automatically for all 60 options, but I then have to go in and manually adjust the price for 45 out of 60 of those listings. Look at this microsoft excel looking mess!Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.13.46 PM.png


And there are 4 PAGES of this that I have to work on! Doesn't this look like fun!!!!


Can we for the love of everything holy in webdesign and usability in ecommerce please have a way to batch prices. (All Single roses in all sizes are $45, All Double roses in all sizes are $50, All Triple roses in all sizes are $60) How can weebly expect a shop that creates custom work and has hundreds of designs to pick from to successfully run a professional business using the current store editor?


The absence of batch editing for pricing variations within a listing is a major draw back to choosing the current Weebly design to run an online business.


Editing listings on Weebly is a huge inconvenience. No one wants to edit 20 plus cells to adjust the pricing everytime they add a material for an item that might have 20 sizing options. Weebly really needs to fix this! The coding to make this happen is not rocket science, it is available virtually on every other ecommerce platform.


I just listed a new listing that has multiple variations that requires price changes for separate materials and this again was an absolute chore. 

I agree! I spent 6 hours total updating prices and variations to increase one of my product (material) by $10. Worst day ever!

Yes we absolutely need to have batch edit pricing. This is much to time consuming. 

The fact that Weebly has done NOTHING to improve batch pricing has finally reared its ugly head in a big way for my shop. I had someone checkout and buy one of my designs and choose the option to have it made in Sterling Silver, but instead of them being charged the Sterling Silver price, they were charge the price for me to make it in Copper. Because batch pricing or pricing in general is such a huge unbelievable pain in the ass, I had to refund this person's money because I am not willing to give my work away because of one of WEEBLY's incredible shortcomings. On top of having to cancel a sale, this person was a huge A-HOLE. SO THANKS WEEBLY. I can't wait until my service expires so I can find another provider. I am done with your unedibitable crappy templates, your ridiculously tedious listing manager and your lack of any updates for major issues with your store interface, (inability to adjust pricing for variations al at once and forcing us to do it one at a time). 


screenshot from Etsy listing manager below. This is how it works on all other professional ecommerce website EXCEPT for Weebly! Store editors should be able to set prices based on variations without having to enter in a new price for every single size variation. 


HOW A GOOD USER INTERFACE FOR PRICING SHOULD LOOK - style pricing changes auto apply to size variations or whatever second variation is created, eliminating the need to turn into a data entry all star, just to update a listing

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 3.12.10 PM.png



Here is how I get to do it if I have chosen to use Weebly as my ecommerce platform. SIX PAGES OF CHANGES THAT HAVE TO BE MADE. This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. 


Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 3.20.43 PM.png


GIVE ME A BREAK! Update your outdated horrible software for store editing!

Bumping like its 1995

Weebly, as far as I can tell, entering prices one by one for hundreds of variations for ONE listing is still a nightmare that no progressive small business trying to be successful has time for. Just wanted to give you guys an "update".

Almost a year later and still no movement from Weebly as to making their platform more user friendly for their highest paying customers that have to manage higher quanitities of inventory. 

OK, weebly. We are at two YEARS now after pointing out the deficiency on your listing editor for not being able to batch edit prices. Are you guys going to take this simple request seriously? You can implement the same auto population code that you use for the other options to handle batch pricing. I really don't have the time to update 50 options after I have created the listing and need to edit the price. PLEASE PLEASE make updating prices for listings that have multiple variations/options for customization to be more user-friendly. Here is a screengrab of how Etsy handles it. You enter the price ONCE for each option and it auto-populates for all variations, eliminating the requirement to enter info a gazillion times..  Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 4.13.00 PM.png




@NickyLimes @Adam @Queso @Bernadette


Please be the progressive Tech company I know you can be by issuing a much-needed update to the pricing interface so that your Weebly Shop premium price paying customers can make batch edits to pricing quickly. Us Weebly users really need more controls on the back end to make actually using Weebly to make sales easier, otherwise, we are going to have to forever be dependent on platforms like Etsy, and that means you guys will potentially get less of our business.  


Here is what WEEBLY's interface looks like when I go to edit pricing. What a headache!

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 4.26.11 PM.png


Also, while I am on the subject of BATCH pricing. Look over to the right. See all those blank boxes with plus marks in them? Those are images to attach to variations. Great concept ON PAPER, but the way it is implemented again, there is no BATCH way to attach images. I don't have time to attach the same image ONE AT A TIME to 80 different variations that are the same material, or whatever. Please also give us a way to BATCH edit images attached to variations. Weebly is only useful to me as long as it remains convenient. I see a lot of room for improvement with the listing editor to help out your Weebly customers.  I really wonder why in this highly competitive industry of shop management tools for e-commerce, why Weebly isn't taking note of what its customers are having issues with on their platform. 

Status changed to: We're Considering It.
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