Ability to Change Button Color

I am using the Lucent theme and it appears you can change the color of absolutely everything, except the Buttons. So now my site is blue and green, but my buttons remain gold. 

  • elements
  • site editor

@bobafett thanks for the heads up, but I'm not willing to pay any money for a feature that should have been there from the beginning. 

Status changed to: Alternative Suggestion Provided

You can do this now depending on the theme you're using. Check out this guide in our Help Center for more info:



Admittedly, Weebly's button implementation is severely lacking.  However, @bobafett has the right suggestion. There is practically no better money spent on a 3rd party purchase than the UI kit from Waddons. There is no recurring charge like some devs [idiotically] expect plus it also includes some fairly high-end design elements that Weebly probably will never include:


Fancy headings


Scroll to top

Testimonial element

Progress bars

Tabs {!}


and more.


While I understand your frustration @dreddinger, because the element already exists from a 3rd party, I'd rather see Weebly work on some other basic under-the-hood stuff that a 3rd party can't address. Such as getting the author role worked out so that it can actually be used.

@dreddinger:  Well then your choices are limited.  Weebly offers things at some price.  Like Burker King offers 33 fires of yellowish color for 99 cents.  Now if you like McDonald's white fries either you have to get them from McDonald or eat what BurgerKing offers you or bring your own fries from home (similar to what Adam suggested). 


You not willing to pay is not an excuse.

Found a free site where you can easily create your own button with size, color and text!! http://buttonoptimizer.com/



It would be a great thing if we had a tool for customizing buttons here. 



There's an app for that!!


UI Buttons:

  • Create custom buttons
  • Define color, background and border
  • Use font families from Google library (over 800 currently available)
  • Option to add icons from Fontawesome library
  • Style buttons for hover states




(Disclaimer - I have no connection to the app developer other than being a satisfied user!!)

@NJRFTF: Between two of us, we must have answered that questions several dozen times.  What I have concluded is that most want weebly to do it.  That way they don't have to pay for it.

Status changed to: Alternative Suggestion Provided

The ability to standardize button sizes would be great. Right now, button length is determinted by the # of letters in the button's text. This does not always look the best from an aesthetic point of view. I'd like a cleaner presentation with the ability to customize my button lengths for uniformity despite letter or word count.

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