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I am using the Lucent theme and it appears you can change the color of absolutely everything, except the Buttons. So now my site is blue and green, but my buttons remain gold. 

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When you click on the button in the editor, choose "Button Style" and you can select large or small, gold or gray, but those are the only options for Lucent at this time. Finer customization is definitely something we're working on though so stay tuned and thanks for the feedback!

cmoodie124: Actually it is not that hard. Do you have graphics software that could give you the hexcode of the button color? If so then edit the main_style.css file. search for that color code. It will take you to the section of code that has that color. Change it, and you are done. (That section may have words like .wsite-button, .wsite-button-inner and .wsite-editor like that). If you don't have graphics software, PM me your screenshot or the link of your page and I will send you the color code.

 Likewise here.  I can't remember the name of the theme for my main Pro site but I only have the option of grey or green for my buttons.  I would definitely like more choice.



@bobafett@cmoodie124 You can also use some online hexcolor pickers like this one: http://imagecolorpicker.com/

I love the clean simple look of the default buttons, but i would love it more if the selection of buttons was larger... Just saying Smiley Wink 

A lot of the buttons we have are designed to match the overall look of the theme being used for the site, but more button options would always be a good idea! Thanks for sugestion! 

Currently, a way around this is to Google Image search 'Website Buttons' which should present you with a list of images of buttons, you can upload one of those to your website and then just link the image of the button to whever you want it to go.. kind of like this: http://mattdthemetest.weebly.com/custom-button.html

It'd be nice to adust the buttons as well as the colors. Sometimes I want buttons to be two different colors to set off a page background. Before, you used to be able to change colors/fonts of individual elements separately. Now you can't, and it'd be nice to be able to tweak colors again to give buttons a fresh, cohesive look with whatever brand we're building instead of them ALL looking the same.

@Starworshipper But sometimes we need buttons! Like Add to Cart and in the Contact form... Personally I would like my button to be just Text.. no button around it

Hi all!


I am working on my website and love using hearts because they are very significant for my business. 


I would love to have the possibility of changing the button that is available to being able to use whatever shape we would like. If this was possible, I would have beautiful coloured hearts as buttons...


What do you say peeps?



I agree! I would love to have buttons that are just text.. plain and simple..

Apparently you can in some ways have custom buttons (Upload an image of one and link the image to whatever the button was supposed to link over to).. Buuut.. you can't always do that, like with the contact form and add to cart button and etc... More options would be great!

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