Ability to add 'Upsells' on each product page like amazon's "Frequently Bought Together"

Status: New Idea
by MK777 on ‎03-15-2017 12:12 PM - last edited on ‎03-15-2017 12:14 PM by Community Manager

On each product page, we would like to see an extension that offers quick, drag and drop, add ons or upsells accessory items. Much like the amazon set up of "Frequently bought together" but it shows products that we designate.


There is plenty of extra space on each individual product page where customers actually buy. If we could show multiple accessory items right below, a small description and price for those items and a add to cart button for each, Im sure sales would increase for everyone, as currently each customer has to go to multiple product pages to add everything to their cart individually. You can currently edit each individual product page and add accessory item images and links, but it doesn't drop them strait to cart. And I have 60+ product pages that we would like to add this feature to.

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