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In other CMS platforms, the user has the ability to scroll through their image directory, so if you need an image again or on another page in the site, you can just reference it just like we already have the ability to do with files.  Currently, as far as I can tell, the only way to reference a previously used image is to find it on the site and use the URL or to upload it again.  Especially with photos, it would be nice not to have to keep the original files on a hard drive once they've been uploaded to the site.  I've had a few times where i had to search through blog histories to find a file I needed a year later.  If the image directory was easily available, I could have just selected the file from a list.

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I agree with everyone else Smiley Happy  


We reupload updated files witht he same filename and in one instance seems to be causing problems as the first version doesn't overwrite.  


Yes it really is taking Weebly way tooooo long to add this most basic feature. It's like they figure we all have time to reload images rather than selecting from a library online. Seems Weebly is not postioning themselves as leaders in the online site builder arena any more. Even a crappy email service like Constant Contact allows users to have a library of image and media, and for free at that!!!!


I'll add in my plea for a "delete files" function. Heck, I'd be happy if I could just override the old file with a more updated one! As it is I now have to label them filename1, filename2, filename3, etc.


Please hear us and help us, Weebly!

Have the same issue! Never know which files i already uploaded, cant delete things. Old unused files can be found via google ... so bad Smiley Sad

This is a huge hindrance in an otherwise excellent site-builder. Please add file managment tools immediately. The time required to update numerous links to the same file (as opposed to swapping out the file at a lower level) is the kind of thing that drives people to consider other, more flexible platforms. 

I can't believe we're still talking about this.... Why is this feature still missing Weebly? Why do I have to re-upload the same image everytime I want to use it on a different page.  

According to Weebly's reply on this as a question on facebook ( if you delete the element (such as the button) that the file was uploaded to, then the file is not on the site. Otherwise they say to email and they'll delete the file for you.


While I agree that a file management option would be AMAZING hopefully this will help in the meantime.

I have noticed that very few great ideas here ever get actioned.... Weebly used to lead but now its as if they have go lazy and fallen well behind the competion. Time to move soon i think...


ajsr wrote:

Have an image repository feature, so I can upload all my images at once, and reuse them across pages.

I have no special knowledge but only guesses as to why this may be the case @Leovon1.  Obviously, Weebly is rolling out the new email tool "Promote®" as well as their Weebly Cloud service. So maybe they are distracted?


For my money, Weebly still has the best editor bar none and is the reason I elected to use Weebly for our company even though I can afford Sitecore or any of a number of other enterprise quality tools.


The unfortunate thing is that Weebly is missing features that are basic and they have no excuse for not including:


1. Undo

2. Page-by-page publishing (a draft -> publish workflow). It's just unfathonable that Weebly publishes every page, every time, including pages we may not want to be published.

3. Image library. Woudn't it make sense to only store one instance of an image rather than dozens?  I guess Weebly has more storage capability than most?

4. Contributor-level permissions. I wouldn't expect this if Weebly was just a single-user platform. But they do have permission levels for multiple users. Why the "author" level can still access the page layout function is kind of crazy. The admin can control the design but often, admins don't get involved in the textual content of a page, that is someone else. But that someone esle should NOT be able to change the layout.


These 4 things are, IMO, features that even a basic CMS should include because they relate to quality publishing.  Sure, Weebly users are always suggesting unique features they would prefer to see like being able to re-order blog posts or tweak the eCommerce capability. Fine. But why we still don't have the basics remains a mystery.


I deal with these 4 missing features in order to have a nice editor. But I agree, it makes one think about looking at other platforms.


It would be great to have a delete old files feature.  Many thanks.

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