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In other CMS platforms, the user has the ability to scroll through their image directory, so if you need an image again or on another page in the site, you can just reference it just like we already have the ability to do with files.  Currently, as far as I can tell, the only way to reference a previously used image is to find it on the site and use the URL or to upload it again.  Especially with photos, it would be nice not to have to keep the original files on a hard drive once they've been uploaded to the site.  I've had a few times where i had to search through blog histories to find a file I needed a year later.  If the image directory was easily available, I could have just selected the file from a list.

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Totally a great idea, I see this quite often from people wanting to streamline load times/etc by using the same picture file across their website, (Usually for a logo/slogan/etc.) Thanks for the suggestion! You definitly have a vote from me! Smiley Very Happy

This would definitely be awesome. It'd save space too, because we wouldn't have to upload the same dang thing multiple times Smiley Happy

Fantastic idea!

This would be super useful!


Agreed! This would save on time, space, and make it a bit more user-friendly 

Yes, Yes, Yes! I too really need access to my images folder. With five hundred images I would like to be able to peruse the folder with at least thumbnails of the images.

 Absolutely agree! I find it very frustrating to have to reload images from my computer time and time again just to use the image on a new page. It would also be nice if Weebly allowed me to set a folder on my computer to default to, instead of always going to the My Documents folder. There may be a setting for it, but I have yet to find it.

I can't tell you how many times I wish I could have done that. Do it soon Weebly!

Yes, I'm surprised this feature is not available. I was almost shocked that I couldn't access my photos. In any other platform they are saved. 

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