Add more social media in blog post sharing

Hi Everyone,


I am Vivek Panicker.

I would like to add more social media sites in Blog Post Sharing section.

Presently it only Facebook and Twitter.

I would like more social medias like Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Making it easy to share and circulate the blog in one touch.

If added it would me very useful feature for all bloggers.


Please consider this

Thank You




Vivek Panicker



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Hello, can you please integrate the share buttons/icons (share on Facebook, g+, linkedin, pinterest, ecc) like the social buttons/icons weebly already has integreted in order to post freely where you need on the pages and posts? It is a very useful tool! I needed this option on one website on different places and I had to use buttons. Only that I had to customise the template for this and insert manualy the code. I put the code on the wrong place and had some problems until I understud from where the problem was. Thank you! Kind regards dO

Hey @dO! We have some apps in our App Center that you might want to check out:


You might find these work well for what you need. Smiley Happy


Hello @Adam and thank you for your suggestion.
I know well powr and I use it already because I dont't have a native weebly alterative, but I intended something else with sharing options. Something like I already mentioned: and other similar. 

Kind regards. 

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Best I can see, we can only add the facebook and twitter share buttons to blog posts and in only one (older) icon format. Weebly is way behind on that for blogging!! There should be a full line up of contemporary share buttons that we can utilize for our blogs including Google +, Pinterest, Linkedin, Email Share, etc. This is getting to be pretty key for building brands and driving SEO!! 

YES YES AND YES!!! I totally agree. It is waaay too much to ask readers to copy and paste an individual blog post onto their social media platforms.

My volunteer non-profit groups all have Facebook group pages for 2 way communications with our members.

We do not use organization or fan pages since those are mostly designed for 1 way communication.

Currently Weebly has an app to share blog posts to Facebook profile and organization pages, but not to group pages.

This would a huge time saver for those of us volunteers already tapped out for time!

They would be really useful, I couldn't agree more!

I would love to see a "Share to Twitter/Facebook" button on blogs.  Then people can share our blogs to their social media with the simple push of a button.  

Liking a blog post is so 2007. Please update to a share button instead.

OMG. Please, please, please. We definitely need this.

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