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by Creature ‎04-03-2017 07:28 PM - edited ‎04-12-2017 03:03 PM

I have multiple issues with the Weebly Checkout cart. 

1. the visual icons used are not industry standards

     -small blue card next to the paypal icon, does not communicate that I take all major credit cards       clearly, I would love to be able to create a work around my self by being able to insert a small banner within the cart that would contain images of my accepted payments

2. my cart does not work AT ALL on a phone at the moment. The bug with the cart on phones has been reported for over 6 months

  - there is no workaround for this per se, but I would like to be able to add additional info text to the check out screen that says something to the effect of "if you have any experiences checking out, please contact me directly and I can assist you" . There is currently no way to add anything to customize the checkout cart system. 


Enabling the ability to customize the cart is greatly needed.


by Earth
on ‎04-05-2017 10:16 PM

Have you received ANY response from Weebly on this matter of the shop not working on phones? That seems very basic and I am concerned as I have begun a Weebly site and am wondering if I made a mistake. 


Thank you.

by Creature
on ‎04-08-2017 03:21 PM



You should be concerned. Yes, a basic issue such as the cart not working for buyers trying to purchase from your online weebly stores when using your phones can crop up at anytime and without any alert from Weebly. 


You can read their non responses that I received from weebly "support" in the below thread.


another thread on it where a weebly admin had input:


It went from days of them saying it wasn't happening, to they couldn't replicate it, to admitting they pushed new changes that messed up the cart checkout system for some of their users that customized their website, to finally, "oh yea, we required an update for paypal integration a while back". None of this was ever communicated to me via email or any other way to help me as a small business owner trying to sell online proactively prepare for their changes that ended up preventing my customers from being able to purchase from me when using a number of different devices for a long amount of time. Weeks? Months? It is pretty unbelievable that notifications were not sent out to their users. I think Weebly needs to send out an update every time they push a huge change so that their users can make sure somethign didn't get messed up on their sites, because obviously it did. Also, my partner has not updated his site for a few months, literally has not touched it. I visited it for the first time a couple of days ago because someone was interested in displaying his art in their motorcycle shop and all of his images were gone. ALL OF THEM. It was just a website with a menu and text and NO IMAGES. Some update weebly pushed did that as well. He absolutely had not touched his website. He went into his site editor and all of the images were still there and he republished to fix it, but this is the random **bleep** you have to deal with on a regular basis if you trust Weebly as an investment for your business. Lots of embarassment and lots of bugs you have to deal with non stop and next to zero customer support. 


There is one thread on this issue that I found that is over 6 months old, so weebly has been completely aware that its users have been having cart issues and they chose to not get organized or send out alerts to potentially affected users.


This is the type of bug that you as a user and shop owner don't just happen to come across. You have to hear it from a customer, obviously because you don't check to see if your cart is working on your site every day on a phone. 

by lucyclm
on ‎04-11-2017 01:10 AM

I've just tried to pay via my mobile for a product from my store using STRIPE.  as i'm inputting the credit card number (long number) the fifth digit "jumps" forward so every other number entered is not in the correct order.  no matter how I try and input this the numbers are not in the correct order!!!!  Happening on the expiration button too.


I've tried using my daughters apple and it works OK. I've tried using my phone (huawei) to purchase from a friends Shopify shop and it works fine there.  is this something to do with my phone or weebly or both!


I'm seriously worried about this and previous comments.  Please respond.

I will email weebly support too.

by Creature
‎04-12-2017 03:06 PM - edited ‎04-12-2017 03:41 PM



You might get help if you post your concerns over in both of these threads:


Your experience contributes to those discussions, since both of those threads are specifically about checkout problems other weebly shop owners are having. I hope they respond to you soon!

by Lewel

Yes please! 

I would love to be able to remove adress etc on heck out since we only sell digital products.. 

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