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Allow archiving of "Shipped" orders

I am dealing with major issues managing the orders coming in through my website. Could weebly please allow us to choose to "archive" our shipped orders to move them out of the way so that we can see a queue of ONLY "pending" orders that will STAY THAT WAY?


Using the "arrange by status" feature is horrible. If you arrange by status and then click on an order and then hit the back button, it goes to the general all orders view again with both shipped and pending showing. Allowing us to archive shipped orders so that they are still searchable (well weebly's version of searchabe, that is another haggard unfortunate feature) then that would allow many of us "made to order" type shops to more easily manage our order queues. 


Also as I have said it before, I will say it again. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE INFO ABOUT WHAT ITEM WAS ORDERED (TITLE OR PIC) as part of the data listed in the order queue preview view? WHY!!!!????

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