Be able to edit the mobile version separately from the desktop version

Hi there,

This is very important, because my name looks perfect on desktop website & BULKY on MOBILE website.



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My issue with the mobile site is that the space between headlines and body text is way too much on mobile compared to desktop. It looks good on desktop, but on mobile the space between headline and body text is like ridiculously long.


And since weebly had the great idea of not letting people edit their mobile sites, we are left here with a bad looking mobile site and can't do anything about it. Maybe this should be advertised on your home page before people pay for your product?


"Hey, just so you know you will not be able to edit your mobile site. We will automatically shrink it to fit mobile screens, although there is a very high probability that you will not like the results and you will not be able to do anything about it."


Atleast that would be fair to us customers. Instead, I feel tricked now.

Hi @damonify


I think, although in some aspects I agree with you, it would be nice to have some options in the dashboard for tweaking the responsive element of the new themes, there's a very good reason Weebly no longer give you the ability to edit a mobile site vs having a responsive website.


1. Responsive Websites are now common practice within the website world and Not having a responsive website is noticable to Google, and can in some cases impact your websites SEO potential. There are some special cases where a different website for mobile and tablets is visible than for desktop (eg Ebay, Facebook, Twitter etc). however in the general scheme of things, not having a responsive website now is a problem.


2. Now weebly behaves responsively, it means the themes in most cases control (or can control) the way sites are displayed on mobile... This means, if there's an absolute issue with the theme you're using and you wish it to behave differently on mobile's and tablets then the option to add custom @media queries in (or find a more suitable template, such as a premium template or a different free one) - If for example, on screens smaller than a certain size you wished to reduce the padding or bottom margin of the title element you could do this relatively easily.


3. If you were still dead set on having your own editable mobile website, that was essentially completely different to the main website, you can still do this... If you open the manifest.json file and change the "responsive=true" to "responsive=false" (you may also need to strip out some other bits of the manifest.json file depending on the theme - you can actually set it to be a non-responsive theme, and therefore make it editable...  As you can see from this page: which is using one of weebly's modern responsive themes, i've switched this off via the manifest.json file and can edit the mobile version.


PLEASE NOTE: Option three is not supported by Weebly, and I don't know how long that option will be available, this would be treated like a customization so although it's feasable to do such a thing, whether or not it's a great idea is up to you...

With users searching sites on their mobiles becoming ever more popular I think Weebly should install a feature that gives you the option to edit the mobile version.  My photography site looks amazing on my computer, but on a phone, it all goes out the window.  Sites like WIx have this feature so I think Weebly should really consider this as their next step.

I currently edit 6 sites with Weebly and I've refered it countless times. Every single person I help with websites wants the ability to edit the mobile site and desktop site seperately.


This is very important to us and has honestly caused us to consider using someone else for building websites because this feature is so important. Currently, we have to format the desktop version in such a way that when we move to a mobile version it looks as clean formatted as possible. Weebly does a good job of trying to make desktop sites mobile, but there are always issues with the format that makes it look weird on a mobile device. I want to be able to make changes to the mobile version seperatley from the desktop version. 

We need templates that don't auto themselves from desktop to mobile!! im finding lately i can either edit the desktop site to make it look pretty and sacrifice the flow and look of my mobile or i make the desktop look ugly so the mobile looks pretty and flows better. In a day and age where i know for myself 60-80% of clients are looking quickly at my stuff on there phone the last thing i need is a bad looking hard to navigate mobile site. 
Don't get me wrong i love how you work on one thing and boom it converts for you. HOWEVER AND THIS IS A BIG HOWEVER!!! when a picture or text gets half cut off because im using sections on my desktop to make it look pretty. It not only makes me as a business look unprofessinal but it allso makes weebly look like garbage. I just wish we where able to go in and edit the size of the text and change the size of pictuers and so on.
I will end tho with saying i love weebly. I have been frustereated to the point sometimes tho that i have wanted to change to a competitor but when looking at features,apps and pricing it's not worth it because you have ALMOST everything we need. The only thing i would suggest next time you think about what fetuer we should roll out.... create your entire business website using weebly and see where your web develepore gets angry.... chances are it's making us red in the face to. 

I agree. On mobile, my website is as tall as the fücking Great Wall of China.

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