Be able to edit the mobile version separately from the desktop version

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This is very important, because my name looks perfect on desktop website & BULKY on MOBILE website.



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I agree. Not being able to rearrange the content manually is very frustrating. Many times there is unnecessary space added, or (the biggest issue) the header is too small or out of proportion.

I completely agree as well.  Being able to rearrange the mobile site elements manually should be an option.  I am not restricted on my desktop design so it doesn't come out jumbled on the mobile site.

Has anyone tried changing the "responsive: true" to "responsive: false" as first suggested


this should force the mobile editor to kick back in and let you use it like you used to use it in the good old days!

There should to tools to edit mobile websites ! 

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This was also posted here by another member, so you should add kudos to that post. Smiley Happy

Hello @Mario_1980


There is an option to create pages that are specifically for mobile views. Click here to take a look at the thread and let me know what you think


How can I edit my mobile view and not interrupt my desktop view.

The mobile view is awful for our site.  It doesn't take any of the header pictures - background pictures that we have in splash view.  It is just so boring and uninteresting and shares only content, no semblence of the artistry of the web view.


I just need to rearrange some things on the mobile page it shuffles the columns instead of aligning them one after the other.

I wish I was able to edit the mobile version of my websites. When a customer visits using their cell phone, everything is out of alignment and it looks terrible. Please upgrade or make it so if we edit the mobile version then it leaves the desktop version alone. 

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