Be able to edit the mobile version separately from the desktop version

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This is very important, because my name looks perfect on desktop website & BULKY on MOBILE website.



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You need to be able to seperately edit a mobile site without changing the desktop site. Your responsive themes don't adapt properly unless you simplify your website way too much. Lots of people are complaining about this. At least give the option to turn off the mobile website. I don't want to have to change to another hosting service.

Yes, please. This is a major drawback in an otherwise terrific platform. The workaround of changing the meta name initial-scale on headers from 1.0 to 0.4 does make the site readable on a phone (if you use your fingers to enlarge). But on an iPad it makes you look dumb. Why would you use such a small font?




Long-time user.

Suggestion: Make it possible to edit site pages seen in the mobile view, without, at the same time, changing the site pages in the web view.

One of the Weebly “Settings” – “Mobile” for a website is to check or uncheck “Display the mobile-optimized version of this website when someone visits from a mobile device.” When this choice is checked (enabled) in the Settings, and the website is viewed by a user, in the bottom footer area is shown: Version: Mobile Web.   On a mobile device, the Mobile Version is shown, but the Web version can be chosen instead by the user. When Mobile choice in Settings is not checked (not enabled), the viewer on a mobile device will only see the Web version.

When making edits to a website page, an icon in the upper right corner, left of “PUBLISH,” can be clicked on to switch from the Web view to the Mobile view. In the Mobile view, a different Theme can be chosen to be more suitable for a mobile device.

However, I have found that editing changes made while in the Mobile view also change the Web view. I believe such editing changes should be independent between views – a change made in the Mobile view should not change the page in the Web view.

Shopping cart does not work on my mobile site and it has not for an unknown amount of time. If you have a website, check to see if your customers can even buy from you if they use a phone or ipad.

Oh man - can someone just get this right? WIx has no ability to add heatmaps/hotjar etc and weebly's mobile version is terrible! 


Does anyone know of a website builder that doesn't have these limitations and also doesn't involve learning code?? Take my money! 

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