Be able to edit the mobile version separately from the desktop version

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This is very important, because my name looks perfect on desktop website & BULKY on MOBILE website.



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If I can't edit the mobile version separately... I would like the ability to at least turn off the mobile view so that the desktop version I worked so tirelessly on, is the website my viewers will see.



Download the mobile app it will show you exactly how your site looks on mobile and allow you to edit the site. I would strongly suggest letting weebly keep its mobile scheme.


Mobile devices such as phones and tablets have much smaller screens. The mobile format shrinks the paragraphs and other elements to fit a smaller screen. If you want to see the website as a desktop display both chrome and firefox offer an option to request the desktop version of a website. The desktop version will have microscopic and nearly unreadable text on most mobile devices.


Mobile hardware is also only a fraction of the strength of desktops. Your full desktop site will more than likely lag and render very choppy when trying to use the full desktop version.


Bottom line is keep the mobile version. Maybe one day we'll have mobile processors fast enough to run high end desktop sites on mobile devices. Of course by that point the machines will be sentient and they'll revolt against humans enslaving us all to work in mines digging up silicone.


Visit my site to stop the machines war on humans.

Mine also looks great on desktop now, but shocking on mobile. Not cool. Mobile responsiveness is so, so, so important these days. My conversion rate is definitely sucking on mobile.

 DEFINITELY NEEDED!  I have a series of videos on the site that are arranged in a specific order for desktop viewing but aren't maintaining that order in the vertical mobile layout.    I NEED to be able to have these videos in a specific order and don't want to have to create an app to do that.

Need to be able to edit pages seperatly, Change one thing in "Themes and changes your whole site...

Don't care about SEO dropoff, Mobile is so poor...!

@00SecretAgent: are you familiar with mobile website build concepts?

Totally agree with this idea. We need this ability, friends! 

Yes! This is the single biggest problem I have had with my site. I have had to go with less-optimal design choices to accomodate both web and mobile views. Editing them seperately would be fantastic! 

I completely agree! I just finished tweaking my desktop site, but the mobile looks cluttered and unprofessional. If I could just move some items around, I'm sure I could find an optimal middle ground.


Currently, the only option is to change what already works for my desktop view and "guess and check" to see how it influences the mobile design. Very inefficient, and I don't want to mess up what already works well!

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