Be able to edit the mobile version separately from the desktop version

Hi there,

This is very important, because my name looks perfect on desktop website & BULKY on MOBILE website.



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I would like to be able to edit the mobile view of my site

Yes, I would as well. Look how TERRIBLE my mobile view looks for my shop. No one at Weebly has any answers.

Cento theme.....and I can't even turn off the horrid mobile view.






 I made some adjustments for you via the ticket you had set me. Take a look and let me know what you think?


Please help me if you can! My site looks great on both desktop and mobile views. However, one post that I have includes an embedded app:


This embed is the only thing that does not format to appropriate size on mobile view. It stays at normal desktop size. Can you please help me with this?


Thanks so much,



I know a few themes have customisable mobile sites where you can edit the mobile site seperately to the site for desktops+laptops (or at least there was a few of thoses themes- I haven't come across any recently), but the themes where you can't edit your mobile site seperately are really quite annoying. While the set out of my blog looks great on a computer, it doesn't look as good on the mobile site, the elements have kind of rearranged themselves in weird positions.


Anyone else struggle with not being able to edit their mobile site seperately? There needs to be a way that all themes have the ability to edit the mobile site seperately!

Hi @Ella


With the way things are going with Modern web design... responsiveness is becoming more and more renound in web design.


I believe all new themes developed within Weebly are now responsive, which means creating/editing the site separately for mobile is probably not going to be an option... I know when we design a theme now we only ever design with responsiveness in mind..


I don't  believe the "mobile editor" in weebly will go away anywhere soon as i can imagine thousands if not millions of websites built in weebly still use an old/non-responsive theme..


I believe also you can override the "forced" responsivenss of the modern themes which in theory it should allow you build your site in "mobile mode". In reality I have not tried this and do not know the ramifications of doing this but you can try..


go into your manifest.json file and where it says "responsive: true" change to false... this should give the option of editing your mobile site and turning mobile optimisation on/off..


Again... I don't know how the  weebly platform will react to this, but... worth a try... In a worst case scenario you can just revert back to the original theme Smiley Happy


Hope this helps.

Hey @WebfireThemes ,


Thank you for clearing that up!


I might have a go at trying to edit it, but yeah... I know next to nothing about coding or CSS (or do I mean HTML?) or anything along those lines, aha. We'll see.


Anyway, thanks again for your help!

Most of the time I use my desktop to edit my website.

I click on the MOBILE icon to view my site on a mobile device.

I see that there are EDIT options on the right side.

Do these edit options only change the MOBILE view, or both the mobile view and desktop view??


My header text is too big and looks sloppy. Is there a way to fix it only on the mobile??

I don't want to make a lot of changes without checking with support first.


Carolyn at 

No problem Ella


In this case it is neither HTML or CSS, it's JSON Smiley Happy


It literally should just be a matter of changing the word true to false in the manifest.json file where the value is


responsive : true


It will take me about 8 seconds to do this if you wish me to give it a go for you on your site... You'd just need to give me access to edit your site..


If you wish me to do this, then please send me a private message and I'll reply with the editor email address to send to.



Hello!  I am also struggling without being able to edit the mobile site.  I'm using a plugin that loads REALLY slowly or not at all on mobile so it would be great to have the option to have different content/style on mobile than on web.  I'v tried hiding (and in turn showing a new div) with putting this in the header:


@media screen and (max-width: 600px) {
  #divname {    display: none;

But unforunately this doesnt' seem to do it. I can only hide the div all the time. The @media screen and max-width is failing to work for me. Not sure if anyone else has a work around for now but it would also be great if weebly could make this user friendly in the future!  Even for themes build with responsiveness there are lots of times you want to show mobile users different content than those on a computer -_-

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