Changing the Filename of uploaded images (For better SEO)



Google has a lot of ways to check if your site is relevant to the keywords that users are searching with. One of these ways is to check the URL path of images. For example, when a page would be, the image "candle" would appear in google images and also Google recognises this page "" does something with candles, and therefore the pageranking will increase on the word "candle". 


When you upload an image to your Weebly page, Weebly changes the name of the image you're uploading. So when I upload an image with the name "Candle.jpg", Weebly changes this to for eaxmple "2373015_orig.jpg". This is not the most optimal thing for SEO. Allthough it's possible to change the ALT tag of the image (you can make ALT="Candle"), it would be much better if the filename itself would be candle.jpg as well. This would realy fill google images with your images. 


So for the best ranking in search engines it is absolutely necessary to be able to control the name of the images. I sugest Weebly is making it possible to control the filename for a better SEO! 

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This feature is requested by me as well.  Good callout, kvdweijden!

Yes please!!

Yep, this is a good idea!

Does weebly store images?  I can never find it and always upload again and again

Good Idea.


Question: Should I use only one word as an ALT tag or can I list them and break them up with commas?
Ex: Candle or Ex: Candle, Light, Scented Candle, and etc.

I have been asking this for a long time and requested the ability to name image files via email and the blog. I am an artist and many of my hits came bia image search, the volume has fallen away dince i transferred to weebly & cant name my image files.


@AdamC: As far as I know it's best to just make it a natural thing. So not realy just keywords. For example, we (, which means wedding dj, rank 3 in keyword "Bruiloft DJ" (wedding dj)), now use "book your wedding DJ at your marriage", which contains "wedding" "DJ" and "Marriage". (but then in Dutch). For another picture we use "Think about the music the Wedding DJ should play", which contains "music" "wedding" and "DJ". 


Google is always testing how "real" websites are, and how relevant the website is for the keyword. If your ALT tags contains big lists of keywords, I would think Google will see this as an attempt to overwhelm the Google bots with keywords. So I'm not sure, but for myself... I don't dare to do this :-). 


In addition, in filenames it would be possible. For example "WeddingDJ_at_marriage1.jpg", "WeddingDJ_at_marriage2.jpg", etc. Because it actually make sense to name your pictures like this. 

I vote for this. Also for having ALT text for images in "gallery element".


How to place my vote? I don't see where to click?

@JustImagine If you give Kudos to the initial post you'll vote for it. Smiley Happy

Definitely agree on this one. I have been attempting to rename my images but it's not working so this would be helpful.  


I am changing thebAlt+text name but it's not updating. Hmmm 

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