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Creating Sub-Categories

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by 111sportbike on ‎10-11-2016 06:13 AM - last edited on ‎04-29-2017 04:34 PM by Employee Moderator

In the old builder a sub-category could be created for a category in one step. Now you have to create a category and drag it to the category for which it will become a sub-category. What was so wrong about having the "add sub-category" selection in the menu to the right on each category or sub-category? Please give back to us the ability to create a sub-category without having to go through the extra step of dragging and dropping. 

Status: Archived
by idtagsonline
on ‎11-07-2016 04:17 PM

Unless, somebody can tell me otherwise, there is no way on Weebly Platform to edit image which belogs to Sub-Category.

This makes this functionalty useless.

It is very strange that person working on it stop in the middle and left it unfinished.


What else is done like this?

by Employee Moderator
on ‎05-11-2017 08:44 PM
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