Develop an ANNOUNCEMENT banner element

Idea: Please Develop an ANNOUNCEMENT banner element


Here is what I like about what Shopify offers.


Every theme on shopify has the ability to add an announcement banner above the menu/headder without having to jack up the css or use a third party app to make it happen. 


The banner can be made into any color. It is perfect for alerting customers about:

•current sales you are running,

•info about production times required before shipment especially around the holidays,

•about a giveaway they can participate in on social media, etc etc.


Please add this trivial bit of code to the weebly site editor so we can manage communicaiton with our visitors more easily and quickly. I am not interested in using the third party apps that exist for this. This is a basic feature and really should be offered on Weebly, like it is with all other site editor services. Online sellers need this. Thanks.


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.58.46 PM.png


^preview of shopify shop I am setting up on the side

  • editor
  • product setup
  • shop
  • Store

Creature, Excellent idea! That would be really beneficial for my site as well. Sorry I did not see this post earlier as I would have spruiked it with a kudo for sure! Good on Erin for bringing it to our attention in the Weebly community.


Cheers John

thsi would be great! It can be used in any aspect of usage. 

I really hope something like this is offered before this holiday season. It has so many uses and is a great way to inform buyers and catch their attention. 

Here are some important announcements.
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