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Discount Display On Orders

If your store uses sales and coupon codes, the way the items and totals display is very confusing. The first line item amount shows the total with the discount for the full quantity ordered, while the discount shown below is only per unit. For example:


Rose Face Cream

Size: 1oz (Unit) - $24.00                       $38.40

coupon: TAKE20                                    -$4.80

Qty: 2


It makes it look like the red colored discount is being taken off the above subtotal. This has confused both our customers and order filling department. Can we at least have more of a say as far as how this displays? Even if the two totals switched places it would make it less confusing. 

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Status changed to: Please, Tell Us More.

Is this the view in the order confirmation email or on the checkout page? Can you post a link to your site for us, please?


This is on the order confirmation. Our store is members only so you wouldn't be able to see it from the link.

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