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It would be nice to be able to take a certain amount off of shipping costs, but also only be able to work if only certain products are in the cart. Weebly really needs to have more adavaced options in general with the online stores, with shipping, orders, coupons, everything.

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Just to clarify, you're looking to specifically discount the shipping and not the order total itself?

I agree that there needs to be more options for coupons. I have had trouble running certain promotions on my site. I wanted to have a sale of if you buy $40 worth of products, you get a free item. There wasn't a great way to do that. I asked customers to add the free item (normally $6) to their cart and then type a code that essentially took $6 off but there was no way to not allow them to use the code if the item was not in their cart. If the rule for the code was set up so that the item itself was discounted 100% then they could have added 10 of those items and all 10 would be free.


Our store sells meats that are all different prices based on weight categories. I also tried to have a "buy two Boston Butts and get 10% off" but there isn't enough ways to edit a coupon code to allow that sort of sale.


More "if this then that" rules on coupons would be SUPER helpful Weebly!

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