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I would really-really like to export all my statistics of unique visitors and page views from day one of the site.  I am big on statistics and analytics.  It would also be great to export referring sites and search terms.  I have agreements with other sites for incentives for referrals and I have to manually catch them every month.


In relation to the statistics, it would be nice to have a cumulative to date web site hit counter.

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I've just posted a New Idea for a Visitor Counter and I'd like to be able to export some of my statistics, although not as much as you need.

This is a great idea, because I sometimes now do a mannual grab some stats from the dashbaord. I'd love it if we were able to download a csv of our stats each month. 

I am actually trying to use my site as a basis to sell a bigger project.  Although my stats aren't phenomenal, it would still be great to show activity.  Also, my site was originally designed as a Doctoral project for school and I need stats for my summative evaluation.  Has there been any progress in getting stats from Day 1?


I just chatted with someone at weebly and found out that if you download the weebly APP on your phone, you can access stats up to a year back.  I just did it and it was amazing to see the traffic to my site.

I've seen other posts indicating that I can view stats on a 'droid or iOS device. But, I'd really like to download my stats in .csv format (to view/analyze in Excel). Is this on Weebly's radar screen?



--Donn Morse

.csv export of stats would be really helpful please!

This really fustrates me.

I used wordpress for years and I liked how you can see exactly how much your site grew over time.

Why is the basic function not avalaible with weebly and why should you need an app on your phone to view further back than the 30 days than on the site itself.


A month to month, year to year would be very helpful weebly.

Please Weebly, Please.

I would also love to have cumulative statistics.  Please consider adding this feature.  Thanks

I agree- cumulative statistics are much more useful than only being able to see the statistics from the past week. I want to know how many people I have reached. It does not make any sense for Weebly to lack this important feature in blogger's statistics record.

I agree with all the comments above, please can you add this feature Weebly!
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