Generated Store Front Option + Pages For Products

There are templates for just about everything else, why not a generated store front? The generated categories page has no customization unless you know CSS. You can make your own page and drag n' drop the "categories" build function but it's not that great. I want something more streamline. I found it in old weebly FAQ guides but apparently that feature was taken away which I am wholesomely disappointed about.


As for product pages, please generate a product page instead of me having to make them manually since I want to copy and paste different/same elements to each page. It's super time consuming and no one has time to deal with that. Right now, when add a product, no actually page is made so when you decorate it from the Store navigation, you can't copy the stuff you just did to other product pages. It blows!

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Hello sonyaism, that is a good idea, it would be helpful to have some ready-made store options like that.

Weebly is a good all-round one stop shop for having a website, but could do better in showing their ecommerce/business customers a bit more love.


Cheers John


I'm glad you thnk so too. I chose weebly for a lot of its aspect but didn't realize its ecommerce was lacking compared to its competitors. It really is a bummer and I am hoping they will do something about it soon.

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