HTTPS Encryption / SSL Option for all Packages - SEO Best Practice

Now that Chrome has been updated to basically shame websites that are not secured, it would be good to have the option to purchase and enable HTTPS/SSL for any paid site since this is a best practice for SEO. I saw in another community post that there are no plans at this time to make this option available for anything below the Business package but I hope that is reconsidered if there is enough user support. Weebly is a great platform and keeps getting better, but it would be unfortunate to have to accept that using Weebly means that you will not be able to adhere to certain SEO best practices.


For reference, here is the post from the Google Webmaster Central Blog back in 2014: HTTPS as a ranking signal

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Great to hear, @lakesan!

There is absolutely no excuse for holding websites hostage for the business fee when so many people simply don't need the features - particularly in light of The lack of security KILLS lead capture. Who wants to enter even basic personal information on a website that is not secure? If you don't care that you're making it impossible for your clients to operate at peak, note that by allowing these little SEO missteps (like security, the h1 tag circus) you're leaving open a major opening for a competitor. 

I'd like to hear an update on this as well. It's pretty disconcerting to not have this feature under a paid Pro plan.

We don't have an ETA yet, though this on our roadmap!

@Adam: any updates on the ETA already :-)? I am willing to make a few next websites, and doubting to make it via Weebly or via something else (impress page, wordpress, other platforms...). I would prefer Weebly, but need to give a date to my clients, so I need to know this ETA. I know a few websites more or less doesn't mean the world to Weebly, but IF it's known, I would very mush appriciate it! Thanks!


Hi Weebly Team, yes please provide us an ETA for when SSL will be available to Starter and Pro plans. GDPR compliance is on our roadmap too, and SSL will be one of the first basic steps we need to make on webmaster level.

I left one of your competitors of 7 years because they were nickel and diming clients with extra fees including SSL You also have competitors that are offering SSL for ALL of their packages and I have set up a free site with them and with you. I'd rather find out an ETA on when you will offer SSL on more of your packages or if I should move to your competitors. Don't lose potential long-term customers because of this issue. Is it really worth it? I'm willing to wait for a couple of months, but then I will need to move on and I really love the site I have with you. Please don't disappoint. 

Just received this email from Google search console:


Chrome will show security warnings on

To owner of,

Starting October 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a “NOT SECURE” warning when users enter text in a form on an HTTP page, and for all HTTP pages in Incognito mode.

The following URLs on your site include text input fields (such as < input type="text" > or < input type="email" >) that will trigger the new Chrome warning. Review these examples to see where these warnings will appear, so that you can take action to help protect users’ data. This list is not exhaustive.


The new warning is part of a long term plan to mark all pages served over HTTP as “not secure”.

Here’s how to fix this problem:

Migrate to HTTPS

To prevent the “Not Secure” notification from appearing when Chrome users visit your site, only collect user input data on pages served using HTTPS.

Read about HTTPS

Need more help?

Learn more about this change in the blog post Next Steps Towards More Connection Security.

Learn how to Secure your site with HTTPS.

Ask questions in our forum for more help - mention message type [WNC-10038795].

Presently the simplest and most expensive way is to upgrade from 'Pro' to 'Business' - but this doubles the cost per month simply to satisfy google.

I feel Weebly should be making some sort of special offer on this...



Please don't stay silent on this. My site pages are already showing "not secure" when accessed from a link on another site or social media. In my last note, I said I could wait a couple of months and I still will, but I will have to move on to another host once Google officially moves forward on the SSL notifications. This delay is a concern as I am in the planning process of creating sites (through hopefully you) as a service offering to my clients. It may not seem like much today, but it could mean a huge loss as others move from Weebly because of this issue. Please move this issue up on your priority list for at least all of your paid plans. Thanks.

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