HTTPS Encryption / SSL Option for all Packages - SEO Best Practice

Now that Chrome has been updated to basically shame websites that are not secured, it would be good to have the option to purchase and enable HTTPS/SSL for any paid site since this is a best practice for SEO. I saw in another community post that there are no plans at this time to make this option available for anything below the Business package but I hope that is reconsidered if there is enough user support. Weebly is a great platform and keeps getting better, but it would be unfortunate to have to accept that using Weebly means that you will not be able to adhere to certain SEO best practices.


For reference, here is the post from the Google Webmaster Central Blog back in 2014: HTTPS as a ranking signal

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Given the recent news from Google and Apple, we should have the option of purchasing and adding SSL certificates to ANY Weebly site regardless of whether or not it has a store. Many of our clients are asking for it and we can't provide it to them from Weebly OR a 3rd Party...


Not secure

It is an upsale item for weebly.  If you need it (badly) you may have to upgrade the hosting plan.

Hello guys

would you please provide paid SSL certificate outside the plans where any website can have it, you provide email, you provide many other paid applications, why not SSL certificate, you disallow theird party SSL certificate as well is this fair??!!!


Is it fair that in domestic flights they only give free food and booz in first class with cloth napkins, but not in economy class?  is it fair that most restaurant don'e allow outside food and drinks?

I'm having this issue too-- tons of lost traffic and reputation since the Google Chrome error is nasty. Weebly, can you please fix this or recommend a workaround?

I agree with the above.


Weebly - Google Chrome will start penalising your clients (and ours) from January 2017. This is not a good look for you or us!


Please apply the free SSL certificate from letsencrypt to all 'Pro' accounts from January onwards, or risk losing loyal clients for good.


Just wanted to echo the above sentiments. I was planning on building a site with weebly, but because of this one issue I will switch to squarespace. It's ridiculous that TLS isn't the de facto standard in today's world.

Allow the implementation of 3rd Party SSL Certificates

Weebly seriously need to study this.

It's not worth it going to the most expensive plan just in order to get a HTTPS website. They should add the posibility to add our own free SSL certificate in the other plans.


My plan is ending in May, if they don't add this feature by then, I'll move my website for sure.

Hopefully, they will take use seriously.

Weebly needs to allow the free SSL integration, or allow us to use SSL purchased from elsewhere.  $25/mo is very expensive just for SSL

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