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Linking from accordion to another accordion?

The Accordion app is very useful in organizing and consolidating material to single cell, saving tons of space and clutter. There are a few suggestions that would greatly enhance this app. First, the individual cells within each Accordion “block” cannot be re-arranged so that, say, a cell that might have been 3rd in the row can be placed second. Neither can cells (other than the bottom cell) be deleted without first deleting all cells beneath it. In other words, if I needed to rearrange or delete cells, I would have to first delete some or all the cells I’m moving and start over. For someone such as myself who has several Accordion blocks on each page, each with several cells in each block that contain numerous buttons holding pdfs, audio controllers, text, etc., having to build a new or partial block of cells would potentially take several hours. It’s simply  unrealistic to put that much time into making changes in arrangements of cells, so in most cases, I’m stuck with the order and arrangement I’ve initially placed. (I’ve learned to plan ahead wisely.) It’s a HUGE and seemingly archaic limitation. The ability to click on a cell and move it to another place within the block or to delete a single cell seems it should be something that would be an obvious/standard option! Hope it will be implemented soon! Thanks. 


A request with lesser priority would be to allow for text to be lower case in the title of each cell. Also, the Accordion itself is two-dimensional, and pretty boring to look at. Some border options, such as highlight, or more variety of colors would be nice. I know this has already been brought up by others, but it's worth re-stating.

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Thanks for posting your suggestions for the app, @Platso!

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