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Please consider as an ESSENTIAL improvement. CSV export of member details so they can be securely backed up. This is a potential legal (data protection) requirement in line with new GDPR rulings in the EU.  There is the option to import so i expect export is not difficult. Thank you! 
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Agreed. This is something that should have been implemented as soon as the Members Area was launched.

I agree!! 

I agree

Thank you for submitting this feedback. 

Agreed. It's the things like this that make we wonder if I should go elsewhere. If anyone has business growth, Weebly makes scalability very difficult. The membership is one of those things. Weebly is great for a sitting site not a membership site. 


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This post was archived due to age and low vote count. We are working on some changes on our end regarding GDPR, though, by the way.

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