More mandatory fields in new member registration form

I could really use a few more user-defined fields in the new member registration form, such as name (not mandatory now), investor type etc.

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I have the member login turned on for my site. I want to allow the user to register, but I want to collect more information when they register such as a License #, Address, Phone, etc.

I need this as well.

Ditto.  And get rid of the whole login/register toggle.   Enter the email and if it's not registered then it asks you.


Simple as that.


can someone please help me to find out how to register people first on my site before entering and reading the content please?  I need them to become members first. 

With 700 members to validate, I desparately need the name field to be required.  The only response I have ever received from Weebly about this over the past several years is "this functionality is not currently available".  The better question is will it ever be available and when??

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