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I need to be able to use multiple different passwords on my website to protect pages.  Right now only one password can be used for the entire site.  


The reason why, is if I want one group of people to access some content and other groups to access different content.  Right now I would have to give everyone the same password and they would be able to access pages I do not want them to see. 

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You can use our Membership features to have different passwords for different pages, @webbuilder11:

This alternative method is no good.  I do not want registered users on my website. This requires collecting their email address which is not allowed with my clients.  



Just wondering how you will distribute individual passwords if not by email?


Depending on type of content perhaps you could insert content into a pdf and use the built-in Adobe password protection for each pdf?   Incidentally, applying a pdf password will also encrypt that pdf as well.



"Just wondering how you will distribute individual passwords if not by email?"


send them a postcard?

I give the heads of the organizations the different passwords.  They contact their people and give the password to them.  I am not allowed to contact them or collect contact information.  


1&1 website builder allows multiple passwords to be used.  I switched to Weebly for other features, but may need to switch back due to the passwords issue. 



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