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The member registration piece is great! However, there's definitely some room for improvement. 


Mainly, there's no way for us to check to see if there's a new member that has registered without going into the site > store > settings > members. This becomes problematic when you need to approve certain members access to the site and find yourself taking days/weeks to go back into weebly to check for new members. There should be a notification email that goes out when a new member signs up so that I can go into the site to approve/ reject. 


There also should be a way to include a longer questionnaire as new members register to view certain pages of your site. Currently, the register now form only requires name, email & password. What if I'd like to verify their seller's ID & EIN before approving (to keep wholesale prices private)? What if I'd like to verify their age before approving (maybe I have some risque-y but still PG13 photography)? Or maybe I just want there to be a box where they put in the magic password. Either way, there should be a way for us to ask for more information when approving / rejecting members beyond name & email. 



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I had a terrible customer service rep from Weebly tell me that gmail is blocking the new member notification emails.  The rude rep proceeded to tell me that I must have some mail forwarding settings on or its going into spam.  What an @$$

I too would love notifications when a new client registers.  Having to check this multiple times daily is not efficient. 

I've been saying this is a priority to change, before adding more features, for almost a year now. 

Not only is it cumbersome to id new registrants to approve, but it can easily be done as a required field. 

For the amount I paid, I think this is something I should be able to have as a SERIOUS website owner. 

When a new member registers with my Weebly site, I'd like to receive an email notification that someone registered and requires approval.  

I second that request. Now instead of being responsive to a new request, you have to manually check either daily or more often depending on your needs. That sort of takes the automation out of the automation!! And before you suggest, yes I do have to approve each request.

3rd. What a dumb feature if not automated!

Have any Weebly developers been able to look into this yet?  It would be very helpful to receive an email when a new user registers with the site so I can approve their membership.  As it stands now, I have to log into the site every day to manually check if someone registered and needs to be approved.  A simple automatic email notification that a new user has registered will make my job a lot easier.  Please help!

Agreed.  It's ridiculous to expect paying customers to log into their weebly site every single day to see if anyone has registered.  A simple email with "user X has registered" would be enough to fix this problem.

Adding my voice to this. How is such a simple feature not already there?

After 8 months of waiting, this simple feature is still not there....


I felt that I'm being a stupid owner of 3 weebly sites.

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