Option to have customers upload a file in product section or during checkout. THIS IS A MUST!

I've been with Weebly a couple of years and I can't believe this option still has not taken place.  My customers need to be able to upload photos/logo files either when choosing a spefic product or during checkout.  Asking them to do so after the fact drives customers away and doesn't work with my business.  Please add this option ASAP. 

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I have been searching for a button or an app that allows customers to upload a file such as a Word document but I couldn't find anything. Do you have such a button or an app? In case you don't have, would it be possible to create one?

Thank you in advance,


Hello @Chrys,


That feature actually exists. You can allow your customers to upload any file they want once you create a contact form. After you create a contact form, click inside it, and then you should see an element called 'File Upload'. Drag it into the form and publish your site afterwards. Hooray! You're done. However, please do note that in order to use it, you must either be subscribed to a Starter, Pro, or Business package. Free accounts cannot use this element.

Hey @Chrys,


Devis from POWr here! Have you checked out our Form Builder app? If you haven't, you can check it out here: https://www.weebly.com/app-center/form-builder?ref=ac-search


Our app allows you to create a form and has the functionality to allow your users to upload a file as part of their submission. Simply add a 'File Upload' element to your form in order to enable this.


Please note this is an upgraded feature but if you'd like to give it a shot, use the code weebly14 for a 14 day POWr Pro trial. This trial will not only upgrade the Form Builder app but also all of the other apps we offer: https://www.weebly.com/app-center/search/powr


Let us know if you have any questions Smiley Happy



Dear Sir,


I am the pro member of weebly. I could use the file upload tool. But after uploading a file, that file should be visible in that site itseld. But that is not happening, this way how the collaboration would happen. as when other look at this site around the world. the people should be able to comment on uploaded file.

Now the uploaded file becomes the database for the owner, I want every body should be able to see the uploaded file whether it image, doc., video , audio anything.

if you can give me the solution on this, it would be great for me.


Thanks and Regards


Rasbihari international School






Hi Poonam,


This is a great feature but it's unfortunately not something that's currently possible with the POWr Form Builder app. This app allows you to collect files but you would need another way to display on your site. 


To do what you describe, you would need 3 apps. 

1. Form Builder to collect the files - https://www.weebly.com/app-center/form-builder?ref=ac-search

2. File Embed to display the file (audio & video not possible) - https://www.weebly.com/app-center/file-embed?ref=ac-search

3. Comments for visitors to leave their comments and/or vote - https://www.weebly.com/app-center/comments?ref=ac-search


I'm not aware of any other app that does all of this in one but I hope my suggestion will work for you!

Create an option to add a file while purchasing an item in the store to customize their product.

I have been trying to solve this problem for a long time.  My workaround is based on the following:

1. Build form that includes contact information and file upload. 

2. The form confirmation then points our customers to the product where they choose colors, quantity, etc. 


For some users this is working but we are getting more customers who don't follow through with the checkout than we are getting in sales.


We have idendified several problems:

1. Customer is required to enter information twice, once on the initial form and file upload and then again at checkout.  

2. The file upload tool does not include a file upload timer so the customer does not know if the file is actually being uploaded.  Our sites requires larger files so my many of our users are giving up thinking the upload is not working.  File upload timers are a simple feature that Weebly has failed to impliment.  I've requested this feature through a feature request as well as through our Weebly sales rep. 


I just tried adding a file upload to the order confirmation e-mail as suggestted in other user posts but I've concluded this is not a reasonable solution.  


The default order confirmation e-mail contains a section called "download information" which can't be deleted.  

You can add an upload tool but this just adds confusion and is not a real solution.  Also, it is a poor assumption that all orders are going to offer a "downloadable product".  This needs to be optional.  


I have three sites built in Weebly which all require file uploads for custom product orders.  It looks like it is time to consider a more robust platform as Weebly does not seem interested in keeping up with the growing trend of customized products.  


Please let me know if there are plans to provide a solution so I can make a decision on switching to a new platform.

@BlankPaper- you mention in this thread that the file upload form feature is available on Starter subscriptions. I just upgraded to Starter specifically to get file upload, but now the site says it is NOT part of the Starter package and that I must upgrade further to Pro.


What is the real story?



Hello @transCan150,


Yes, that was actually true. In the past upon replying to this thread, you could possibly upload files from within the contact form if you were subscribed to any of the packages I mentioned including Starter, Pro, and, Business, as well as the normal 'File Upload' element. However, when Weebly recently introduced a new package tier called 'Performance' which basically is an add-on specifically tailored for users who are on the Business plan, they changed the file uploading feature. First of all, the normal 'File Upload' element became entirely free for all Free plans which did not require any subscription whatsoever, and which used to also be part of the Starter plan and above. However, the 'File Upload' that is embedded within the contact form was now only available for Pro, Business, and Performance plans, respectively. They removed it from the Starter plan without notifying users of the changes. Yes, Weebly sometimes does things without telling users that they mingled with something. Anyways, if you come to drag the 'File Upload' element from within the contact form, and then hit the orange 'Upgrade' button, it should automatically redirect you to choose between Starter, Pro, Business, or Performance. But if you notice, by default, the Pro plan comes pre-selected, indicating that this particular feature is only available for Pro plans and above. And if you click on the Starter, it says "Does not include the file upload element." By the way, even if you're currently subscribed to the Starter plan, if you choose to upgrade to the Pro plan to get the file upload feature within the contact form, you'll only have to pay a pro-rated fee, which is the difference of what the Pro plan costs minus the Starter plan. So, I assume that it won't be a hefty investment. Hope you have found this useful. Cheers! Smiley Happy

@BlankPaper - Thanks for this information. You say the 'normal file upload element' should be available in all plans, but I cannot find it in the Build section of the editor.  Help Center search does not return any documentation on it. Where can I find it?

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