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It would be great if there was a way to create an order report that listed the specifics of the items ordered.  Right now, we can see the person who ordered but not what they ordered.  I have to manually add this info whenever I export the info from Weebly.  Since the item (product) title is available in Weebly, it would be great to generate reports that included this info.


It would also be great if the order details came over to the payment processor.  Sometimes it takes quite a while to figure these out when our treasurer is trying to reconcile payments made and received.


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We receive dozens of orders each day. We need to organize our production every morning.

On the Store Dashboard, I can see the name and total price of the order, but no product details, which means I have to open every single order item and write them down.


We need a view which details the products/items ordered.



- Give a view/dashboard of total pending orders per item

- Offer an automatic export of complete orders to Spreadsheet triggered by new sales

- Improve weebly's IFTTT channel to automate it, by giving access to ordered items details

- Propose an affordable Order Management app


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I would also like to have access to the 'pending order' information. Why show me i have 380 pending orders if I can't access them!!?



I have the same problem when I access my site via a pc.  When I access it with my weebly mobile app, I see the details of the order.  I wouldn't know what the customer ordered if I didn't use the mobile app.  It appears I have not done anything wrong, if others are having the same problem, but it obviously needs to be fixed.


Weebly 4 came out, still no change to this. Also, in the orders, the supposedly improved search doesn't work at all! If I type in a product in that search, it never comes out right.

As a business owner that has employees and sells physical products, it can be difficult to tell if an order has even been printed.  We have experienced an order being printed and filled twice since there is no indication that someone has already printed the order.


I would like to see the option of changing the status of orders for physical items.  An example would be adding an "In Progress" option.  That way it is clear that someone has printed/working on the order.  We (my company) simply cannot print one order, fill it, print the next, fill it etc.  That is extremely time consuming and a waste of money in labor.


I hope others feel this would be a benefit to them as well as I am sure I cannot be the only person with a Weebly ecommerce site that has physical products and employees.  Thank you for your consideration and please vote for this to be a feature to be added! Smiley Happy


Status changed to: We're Considering It.


1. Allow access to product listing info through an invoice invoice link example.... https://www.weebly.com/editor/main.php#store/orders/0000000000

from this page please link to the corresponding product; allow the tiny thumbnail or text link to:


"0000000000" and "000" being a standin for whatever the invoice and product number really is obviously


Should be easy enough, it's already all behind the #store interface anyway. 


I offer about 200 different designs. I find that sometimes I need to check on the info that was listed within the listing, change the info before it sells again, or just see a close up of the item and that image thumbnail in the order queue is just to dang small weebly! Please allow us to access or products from order invoice. 


Status changed to: New Idea

Found this post and approved it, @Creature. Was this the only one? I didn't see any other posts that had been filtered.

@Adam Can you tell me what caused this post to be "spammed" by the system in the first place so I can prevent doing whatever is causing my posts to be spammed in the futuer? Thanks. 

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