Please integrate with Paypal Pro

I'd really appreciate if integrating with paypal pro could be added.  I love weebly but I think you all are  a little behind other website services.  Nearly all provide a way to link up your paypal payments pro.  I sell a lot of on eBay and would like to keep the funds going into the same account. 

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It is great to hear that shopify offers this. I am totally checking them out right now. 

How does Shopify intergrate, or be part of Weebly then?

Does Weebly ever acknowledge these suggestions, would be nice to know if they are planning to do something about it in the future or not

Please give us the option to remove the form and as Kieran stated, allow for a faster checkout process. I sell digital products, so I don't need full shipping information. 

PayPal has an upgraded plan called PayPal Payment Pro, which allows users to process credit cards as well, but it is not part of Weebly at this time. It would be nice to have this option, as it would allow a very small business like mine to have one processor for all, which equates to one set of monthly fees. It provides a virtual terminal for use in store, and no set up, terminatin, nor withdrawal fees.

I talked to PayPal tech support, and they said if I upgrade to the Payment Pro solution, it could mess up myPayPal Express plan currently in use with Weebly. So, I don't dare upgrade unless I know it will continure to work for Weebly.




It's strange that they told you that you need a different type of account, since you should be able to use Guest Checkout (which is what gives the option to use a credit/debit card instead of PayPal account).

That article mentions PayPal pro at the bottom, but it's not a requirement to do this.

Status changed to: We're Considering It.


to clarify a bit,

Of course, a web user can go thru Paypal and use a card, but, what PayPal Pro allows me to do is handle a walk-in customer, or a phone/fax order with a card. ie, they are not using the Weebly web site, nor Paypal. 

Right now, I have to use my current Merchant Service, example: Elavon, to process a credit card in house using the classic swipe terminal.

This means I now have 2 processors, Paypal, and Elavon.

If I had Paypal Pro, I would have only 1 processor- Paypal.

And that, saves a little money overall, due to Merchant fees, and PCI Compliance efforts required.





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