Please integrate with Paypal Pro

I'd really appreciate if integrating with paypal pro could be added.  I love weebly but I think you all are  a little behind other website services.  Nearly all provide a way to link up your paypal payments pro.  I sell a lot of on eBay and would like to keep the funds going into the same account. 

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I agree with this.


I do a lot of business and becuase Weebly connot intigrate with Paypal Pro I am will be stuck paying 2.9% with every order vs. the 2.2% I currenty pay. If weebly would have worked on this I could have saved a ton of money, but Paypal's Tiered program will no longer be available starting next month.


This is a very big deal for me and I will be loosing a lot of money becuase of this. I am now really starting to regret having chosen Weebly.


Paypal has the customers details, so for customers paying with paypal, they should be able to skip the form filling and just pay with Paypal.

Being able to purchase something quickly is a must have feature and if it's not going to be adressed it makes me weary of sticking with weebly in the future.

Hello, it would be really appreciated if you could activate a modificable payment methods.

For example I have three payment methods available PayPal, Poste Pay and Bank transfer, but on my new weebly website I can only activate the PayPal becouse you don't accept that I on myself modificate the payment metods that I accept.

My clients use all three metods but now I can activate only one (PayPal).

I'm really disapointed!

As kieran put it

One of the nicest shopping experiences you can have is a smooth easy purchase.

Whe I buy online and use paypal, there are two distinct experiences.

1/ The one where you click "pay using paypal" and in two clicks your purchase is made.

2/ and the other one, where it say "pay by paypal" and you then have to complete delivery address and personal details..etc,etc,etc. This way takes loads of clicks, loads of time and speaking from a personal experience and talking to others. I know it puts you off purchasing. You go elsewhere, or forget your impulse buy.

Therfore, I want to know if there is a way I can get true express two click paypal on Weebly checkout. I know it would be a significant improvement on the current paypal checkout.

Could you please tell me if you can use this facilty now, or when you plan to facilitate it, because we know that will generate us more sales.

85% of our sales are exported from the UK. 50% of those go to non-English speaking countries and I know that some of our purchasers have difficulty filling in forms etc.

The language barrier is not an issue for using our products, they can just watch our instructional videos. No problem!

But the super express PayPal option needs to happen super quick. We have not chosen to go to webbuilders because we can change our own site in real-time which is useful to us. The fast two click PayPal would just make that experience so much better.

This needs to happen ASAP.



I agree. People will turn away if an experience is frustrating. I have a paypal account but can't connect to it because i need to "upgrade". A pleasant experience is one in which a customer or you want to come back. If im selling why make it hard for me to do that and why would someone return to a hassle. Ive had a customer turn away because I could only use SWIPE which takes too much money from my business but I havent a choice as thats all thats available. 

A one step or two step purchase appeals to the impulsive buyers.  Bring in a choose to pay using paypal is needed in order to be a successful business.

I have notified Weebly about this issue. It needs to be fixed pronto. We know from our own experiences, this would be a significant game changer for us, and for other weebly users.


All of commerce is geared to fast pay methods now. Contactless cards, express checkouts, debit and credit card registered fast transactions.


Filling in boxes to use any payment method is sooo  yesterday, but to have to do so for paypal is just stupid.

I agree!!


I nearly didn't use weebly because of this.  I know from personal experience, as a predominantly Paypal user, that if I have to duplicate info it puts me off completing the transaction (maybe because I have the attention span of a goldfish).


Having said that I have an etsy shop and around 80% of my sales are made using direct checkout and not Paypal. Some people don't trust paypal.


Why can't weebly buyers choose the method of payment first and then after choosing, go straight to Paypal ratherthan fill in the name & address before they get to Paypal...makes sense to me Smiley Happy

sorry to say this weebly peeps but shopify have a paypal button on the cart which takes you straight  to Paypal.

lucyclm-  Are you saying I should junk my website and use shopify?


Can you explain a little more?



Lots of sites have the function you describe, we are all to aware of that.  Explain more please.

hi @stevemac


certainly not!  Its down to individual choice but i think its good to let weebly know that as a user I am frustrated that they don't offer this.  


I would really want to hear from my customers if there was a problem/issue that they felt needed addressing.

I'm sure weeby feel the same way. 

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