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i would love to view a product sales report to be able to tell me how meny sales i have made and how much of one product has been sold so i can see the best seling products and when i seen to order stock and also see the slow seling products. 

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Hey there! That certainly sounds interesting. Can you tell us a bit more about how you'd like that information to be summarized?

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I would really want the following information included:
Top Category - sorted by amount and qty

Top products within a category - sorted by amount and qty

Products in category that hasn't been sold within a given time.

Products in all categories that hasn't been sold within a given time.



It seems to me that it is a basic feature on the majority of backend ecommerce systems to be able to download/view/print a report of the quantitites of all of the items that you sold in a certain time period. Why doesn't Weebly allow you to do that?


I realize that Weebly allows you to export all of the orders, but the excel reports it gives you are essentially useless for this. In order to get the information that I am looking for, I need to go through the excel report and tally/count each of my 50+ products that sold, some which have 15 options. 


There should be an option to download a sales report detailing how many of each product/color is sold during a period. Or, like the things that ttllstore said above me.

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