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i would love to view a product sales report to be able to tell me how meny sales i have made and how much of one product has been sold so i can see the best seling products and when i seen to order stock and also see the slow seling products. 

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Hey there! That certainly sounds interesting. Can you tell us a bit more about how you'd like that information to be summarized?

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I would really want the following information included:
Top Category - sorted by amount and qty

Top products within a category - sorted by amount and qty

Products in category that hasn't been sold within a given time.

Products in all categories that hasn't been sold within a given time.



It seems to me that it is a basic feature on the majority of backend ecommerce systems to be able to download/view/print a report of the quantitites of all of the items that you sold in a certain time period. Why doesn't Weebly allow you to do that?


I realize that Weebly allows you to export all of the orders, but the excel reports it gives you are essentially useless for this. In order to get the information that I am looking for, I need to go through the excel report and tally/count each of my 50+ products that sold, some which have 15 options. 


There should be an option to download a sales report detailing how many of each product/color is sold during a period. Or, like the things that ttllstore said above me.

This is an essential tool for serious businesses. I've been working my Weebly e-commerce site as a side business for some time, but I'm hoping to step things up, and product sales reports are very necessary for that. I would very much like to be able to export product sales, so that I can sort products from the most sales to the least. That way, I'll know what is working, what to stock more of, and what to either stock less of or quit offering. Please make this happen! Thank you!

I'm using weebly as a ticketing site, and the ability to sort or report on orders by sku or product/option would be incredibly helpful.

It would also be helpful to see any coupon codes in the order.

or have the option to keep order totals on one line for sorting...




I'd like a way to just download all the orders that were charged sales tax or some kind of reporting so I can quickly pay that to my state. As it is now there is no reporting available to download on anything but orders and that's really useless. Weebly calculates sales per day, month and 30 days, but it's just totals and then it's gone so it's again useless.

Is there any bookkeeping reports anyplace? I'm regretting joining weebly because little things like this are so frustrating.

All of this---- yes!   I don't understand how this isn't a basic function of Weebly. 

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