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I don't know if this is possible already (can't seem to find anything on it) but I'd love to be able to save a small cache of images to my site - images that I use over and over.  I know that you can favorite stock/paid images, however I'd like to be able to upload a few images that I use for a recurring blog theme so that I can just click to add rather than have to re-upload it every week.

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I agree with this! Having to reload my logo over and over is rather tedious. I'd also like to possibly be able to save or copy and paste my slideshows. Having to re-upload all of those pictures takes a long time. 

Yes, we have the same problem as well. Not being to favorite uploaded images, which the vast majority are using (their own product photos or photos they've already bought elsewhere like iStock or Shutterstock), is a huge inconvenience. Without being able to see a gallery of recent uploads, or a similar tool to see images, it can take a long time to make changes and rearrange a page.


Being able save and paste slideshows would be tricker, but that would also be great!


Agreed.  What happened to the photo library that was available in a previous version?  As i am testing Weebly against other developers, not having a clear "favorite" or "library" feature does not work in your favor.


Looking for answer soon.



I agree! Espeically in the creation stage, it can make working with images much more time-consuming. Support instructed me to use the image URLs to save time, but that would still have to be done each time. Some kind of library feature would be a time saver!

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