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Selector feature to default to different navigation/menu structures

I'd like Weebly to implement a customer type selector that would change the preset navigation structure to match the selected type. For instance to change the language, age group, or industry. 


Take localization as an example. I've seen someone asking for auto translation, but that would not be my solution. I prefer to be in control over the translation. So, I currently build the same site in different languages and publish them on different url's. To publish the same site in four languages now takes four Weebly PRO plans and four domain names. 


My idea would be that Weebly comes up with a solution that requires only one PRO plan and one domain name. My suggestion would be to have a language selector to switch navigation structures.

There are other ways to do it, like having multiple language copies of each page in the same navigation structure. But by changing the navigation structure you can localize the site to a specific territory in a more tailored manner so that it doesn't require the exact same structure.


Similarly, why would I have to build separate sites for B2B and B2C customers? If someone selects "Business Owner", I would like to present them with a different navigation structure on the same site.  


And it would also enable Weebly to add selector types to change the navigation structure for instance for industry, or age group.

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