'Sold Out' Text or Banner on Sold Product's Thumbnail Image

Surprisingly, customers need to click on the product page and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (I have long descriptions too) in order to see that a product has sold out.


So I would imagine most customers are looking through the product photos and reading the description, thinking about whether to purchasing it and finally deciding on "yes, I'll purchase it!" then they scroll down to add it to their cart to finally see the tiny 'Sold Out' text need the 'Add to Cart' button.


What would be much more convenient for prospective customers is to add a 'Sold Out' banner to the thumbnail image of the product that sells out or text above or below the pricing/title.


Please consider adding this feature. It's a very common feature most website platforms have. I was surprised when I joined Weebly and saw that this wasn't a thing.


Thanks for reading and considering!

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Yes, we desperately need this, which is available through all other site builders. 


I create one of a kind art pieces. When one sells out, it is usually the same day that I post about it on social media or the next day. That is great for me but, once something sells I still want it to be visible in my shop for those who are looking for it to know the status of it or for new comers to see what I have created in the past and commission me to make one similar. 

As it is, you can set inventory to display "sold out" within the listing next to price way down at the bottom, but nothing indicates the status of availability in the thumbnail view. 


I would LOVE for "SOLD OUT" To be displayed in place of the price or next to the price in the thumbnail view before someone clicks on it. I can say personally that if I was hoping to buy something from someone and it showed a price and then I clicked on it only to find that I couldn't buy it, I would feel a little irritated. I don't want to irritate people. Can Weebly please develope the ability for the "SOLD OUT" status to be displayed in the thumbnail view? Thanks!

Agree! this would be super handy to have!

Please can we get Weebly to seriously update the shop interface to allow for this. This is very much needed and is available with all other ecommerce site builders.

Agreed. Please add this!

I think it’s extremely important for weebly to have this feature AND for the customer to be able to click on an image and have it open up in another box with a zoomed picture. I am still within my 30 day trail period and I may have to switch hosts to be able to have these features 


This is something I've requested over a year ago.  Get with it Weebly!

Status changed to: It's in Our Queue.

woo hooo!!!  Glad it's in queue!

Status changed to: Hurray! We're Done!

You can check out the new product settings here: https://hc.weebly.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015199808-Product-Settings




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