It would be great to be able to exclude yourself from site statistics.


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there would be massive complications such as pinpointing which ip adress are you ect.....

This is very interesting to me, since I was just going to ask the question about being included in the statistics.  I will question the comment by RaghavMehta.  I believe it would not have to be based on the IP address.  I think it could be done by recognizing us as being logged in.  There really needs to be some way of addressing this issue, because it actually renders the statistics useless.  Actually, I just discovered that user ID's have an ID number.  Maybe that could be used. there any way that I can recover statistics (unique users, site visits) for our website from 12-15 months ago? We upgraded from Free to mid-grade Weebly website to gain acess to additional features, but also revamped our content. I know traffic is up dramatically, but want to see how much.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Status changed to: We're Considering It.

Yes! Weebly, please work on this. I can look at my stats and tell which visits are from me.


I agree.

We are in the process of continuing to build our live site and so making multiple visits every day. It is a pain to have to go over to Google Analytics to get a traffic report.

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