Users need the ability to place text freely overtop of photos- and the ability to have the text "light up" when you cursor hovers over the image- BUT THE TEXT STILL STAYS VISIBLE WHEN YOU MOVE THE CURSOR AWAY FROM THE IMAGE. As it is now, you can have text appear as you hover over an image- but when you move the cursor away- the text totally disappears. SUPPOSE WE WANT THE TEXT TO STAY VISIBLE ON THE IMAGE? You shouldn't have to go through so much labor creating your own text image to place on top of photos . As it is now,you have to create the text as a separate image and then bring it in to Weebly.



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I agree there are certainly bugs that need to be worked out and it certainly isnt as intuitive as it could be. I have the same problem but i dont want to play with it too much least i create another problem. However, it should be fixed.

@JayL, @bonbot:  Those things can be added if you know some css coding.  If that is important you may wish to hire some one to do it for you.  I could suggest few.  I believe there is an app in the app center.


You may try image caption for regular images or partial captions in the gallery.

No, I'm sorry that is not the answer to this issue. The software designers can figure it out I'm sure! If Zenfolio can do it, Weebly can. The whole point of going with Weebly is the wonderful ease of use WITHOUT CODING OR HASSLES! Isn't that correct?


I think the designers and engineers can figure this out- don't you?

@JayL:  Yes designers and engineers can figure it out, but it is very expensive to act on every whims and wants of 40 million customers they have.  They just may not have budget, priorities and resources.  If they think your suggestion has widespread usage they may act or may not ever.

I think that being able to lay text over an image, and having options for that text is a basic request since we're talking about designing a web page here. This is not a "whim" -but a basic requirement for any web page design service. Web pages are made up of images and text- and it does not make sense that text cannot be placed permanently over an image, with the option of having it light up as you hover over it. 

@JayL:  What you believe has no meaning - be it basic requirement or a special requirement.


Your choices are:


1. Wait for your suggestion to be implemented.

2. Learn

3. Hire

4. Buy an APP if available

5. Find the best alternative

6. Stay Put

Any web page design service should allow the user to put text over an image permanently, plain and simple.  If you can't understand this you should not be working for Weebly. 



7. Change the web page design hosting company.

I too, find the suggestion to hire someone, to put in css codes, flippant. this should be a basic task that weebly designers could implement wo members hiring expensive web builders. I thought that's what weebly did. 

In a totally different focus. Ive upgraded in order to seel online but see that Im still unable to create rts with the package I have which is Business. "Business" implies selling of a product, why make it out of reach for those trying to start an online business without any guarantee of sales.

As well in order to get all the advantages of a paid membership and then upgrading and connecting to google, adsense, etc. requires a course in code editing, which many do not have. I wish that could have been advised before heading into another upgrade.

Just a thought/suggestion.

Thanks @bobafett for the suggestion.


Not sure if I read this properly, but you're looking to input text over an image. Do you mean Drag and drop the Image button, add an image, and then drag a text box on top of the image? Or do you mean dragging text over a image that is a background? If that's the case, I like using Color blocks, decreasing the transparency to about 70-80% and writing text that way. It's always visible in that instance. 


In terms of writing text over an image property you've "dropped" onto the page, that's some in-depth coding involved as you're adding an overlay to the og:image. I'd just used photoshop, add text, then drop it onto the site.

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