Tracking who clicks my links [Facebook pixel]



I have just heard from weebly that they are unable to add a Facebook Pixel to link clicks. This means Facebook retargeting will be less effective. It will be unable to retarget my FB ads to people who click on my phone button links... 


However, they said it would be something they release of we get a couple votes for it.


So if you think having more power for Facebook ads sounds good, please vote.


If you think it's powerful to have your ad in front of people who are chomping at the not to have your products, please vote!


If you want to help me in my plight, please vote guys, I'd appreciate it alot Smiley Happy 



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Thanks for taking the time to post this, @Anthony910!

Thanks Adam, my Facebok pixel can track people who view pages & fill out the contact form - that is fine.


But I need my pixel to track people who click on my phone link (to call my business).


If Weebly can let us add pixel code to buttons this, it will mean ads will be put in front of the best audience!

May I know now have any reply from @Adam?  I want to know who click my facebook button likes also.

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