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Update Store Overview dashboard

It would be great if Weebly would consider showing us customers actual pertinent information about our weebly shop's performance with month by month breakdowns. This is free info given on all *other* platforms. 


We currently ONLY have these tab options to look at income:

Today, Yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, 


Why are we not given the option to look at income for "this month", "last month" , "year to date" etc? 

Underneath these four tabs are "helpful articles". You know what would be helpful? Being able to see monthly income information on this page of barely any info at all and also year to date info about income. I have certain numbers I try to hit every month and it would really help to see the actual numbers by month ON WEEBLY, and not be limited to only "30 days". These are things us customers weigh when we shop around for the platforms that offer the most to make running our businesses easier. It seems like a fairly simple makeover Weebly could do to help their customers out. 


Here is the page that could use a makeover, to update Weebly to the most basic info all other platforms offer.


  • analytics
  • eCommerce
  • membership
  • Orders

Thanks for posting your suggestions, @Creature.

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