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Use More Clear Screen Font or Increase Size of Font to Show Image Pixel Dimensions

I cannot read the pixel dimensions of photos in the photo editor crop screen. The font that Weebly uses to render the pixel dimensions is too small. Please increase the size of the font and/or change the font type so the pixel dimensions can be read.


The pixel dimensions in the Weebly image editor are given in very small type and the font is not rendered in a font that is easy to read on a screen. It is a font where it is easy to mistake a "5" for a "6".


The developers should change the font used to render the pixel dimensions AND/OR increase the size. It is very important for me to know the exact pixel dimensions to create a web site that looks beautiful. In a past version of Weebly, the pixel dimensions were shown clearly. The current version of Weebly does not do a proper job of showing the pixel dimensions clearly.

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Yep - I agree - it is small!!! :-(

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