Weebly needs to get 'jiggy' with Zapier ....

Please consider making Weebly work with Zapier - the future is integration and Weebly is so powerful as it is - but if it worked with Zapier - OMG! .... it would be AWESOME!

Zapier has saved my arse .... if it linked with Weebly my arse would be on fire and the world would literally be our oyster! 


(i don't actually like oysters though!) 

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I'd also like to see more Zapier integrations. I'm not 100% sure, but believe the feature integrations need to be done on the Zapier side.

Couldn't agree more... This seems like a no brainer for Weebly and Zapier.  

Cmon guys every other software app works with Zapier except for Weebly!  It's a must, get ON it. 

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