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Can we get blog categories to display under each post? For example, like this forum where all the categories I've tagged display under the post so I can click to see other posts tagged with the same.


I would also like this option combined with the option to not have them all displayed along the side so when I'm tagging recipes I don't have 100 categories along the side and instead just have the categories tagged shown under the specific post.




Hello! I would like to see better page break options on blog posts. I like the uniform look on some blogging platforms that allow you to give just a snippet of a paragraph or sentence. With Weebly, I'm forced to break between drag and drop items. This doesn't allow me to show less than a full paragraph, which could be of varying lengths or my other option is to break a paragraph which then adds a space in publishing. This would be a nice feature to see!


Thank you!

Complete Overhaul to Blog Tools

Status: We're Considering It.
by newyorkave on ‎01-27-2017 11:20 AM - last edited on ‎01-30-2017 11:58 AM by Community Manager

I propose on behalf of my creative agency, and the 40+ websites we manage on Weebly, a complete overhaul of Weebly's blogging system and tools. It's dated, cumbersome, and a challenge to use aggressively to improve SEO.


Here is what we propose:


Management Similar to Members/E-Com

I recommend taking influence from the member management and e-commerce management systems with regard to blog management. For example, opening a menu to view/edit/sort your blog posts/categories/etc, would be a HUGE step forward. For us particularly, we manage very active blogs for our clients and when we need to make changes to older posts or changes to more than one post at a time, it's painful. 



This should be a no-brainer but along with multiple users accessing Weebly websites, you should be able to associate an author for every post on the blog. 


Layouts and Design

One of the things that make Weebly so great is the ease of use of the CMS and ability to swap themes and layouts fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the blog is limited to one layout and an option to turn on/off the sidebar. This alone is a disappointment and should be corrected by giving users the ability to choose from different layouts for BOTH their posts and the parent page (list of posts). I know I've seen many people request that the ability to show posts on the parent page in a more visual format versus a simple list...we agree. Lastly, the layout for the post and the layout for the parent should be able to be different from one another.


Category Display Per Post

There's no reason why categories are not displayed by default for each post. Most people like to sort through their reading by categories and can dig deeper into a website's blog content by reading more of one thing. As of today, Weebly users are limited by having one long list of categories and while within a single post, you have no idea what categories have been assigned.


Categories and Archives Display

Currently limited to the sidebar, the long list of archives and categories is creating a mess for many of our websites. We have since custom built our own solution for organization and display but my goodness, what happens when you have 4+ years of content?!?! For us, that's over 44 list items in the archives. We've also seen people beg for an option in this regard and it would seem to make the most sense for an overhaul.


Styled RSS Feeds

Hey Weebly...have you heard that content is king? Yes, you have and so has the rest of the world. To funnel people into more blog content, styled RSS feeds would be huge. The widget should also give the ability to filter the feed by category instead of just most recent and if possible, pull in the image from the post when applicable. Like the categories and archives display, we've custom built our own solution and it's a big hit with our customers. Making it easier for us to serve them will only improve our experience, and the experience of your millions of other users, with the platform.


Ability to Export

I shouldn't have to mention how important the content someone creates for an active blog is to their business and lives. Currently, Weebly's blog content is served up dynamically which prevents blogs from being copied over within your current website or to another website. In addition, there's no way to export the content from your blog. In fact, if you somehow accidently delete the blog page (which is suprisingly easy to do in Weebly), you lose it all. For us particularly, that would mean years and years and years of hard work and thousands and thousands of dollars. Hello?!?!


Ability to Import

This is another no-brainer. Users should be able to export their current blog content from SquareSpace or Wordpress and IMPORT it into Weebly. Need we say more here?


Better Social Media Buttons

They're ugly, outdated, and bulky. Also, why isn't there a LinkedIn option? These need revisiting BADLY. Also, why can't we turn them off if we don't want them? Right now, we're hiding them in the code and it's a pain.


Pagination, PLEASE

While Weebly users do have the ability to choose how many posts are displayed per page, the pagination itself is horrible. First, there's only next and previous. Where are the page numbers? Where's the jump to a page? More importantly, the styling here is dusty and needs to be refreshed.


Post Options

The post options are buried within two menus, to get to your set SEO title/display, you literally have to be two-three menus deep. This is unacceptable and causes many of our clients to forget the step. Options per post should be more easily accessible through a better-designed menu.


Unpublish Option

Users should have the ability to pull a post back into drafts. This is just common courtesy. Come on!


Bug Fixes

  • Blog categories with hyphens automatically create two different categories. For example, if you want a category called "E-Commerce", it will create two different categories: "E Commerce" and "E-Commerce". Since there isn't an effective way to remove categories, it's impossible to fix. Also, it creates major confusion for people browsing your blog content by category.
  • By default, all text content is full justified. Why? That makes no sense and doesn't happen anywhere else.


I know we're not the only ones with these recommendations and if you read news relevant to Weebly blog (lack of) features, you can see that even review websites are beginning to point out how poor Weebly is for building a blog. While they used to lead the charge here, they've fallen way behind.


Our hope is that an update is already on the way, but we are beginning to get desparate. It's a challenge managing this many sites that we also create massive amounts of blog content for. Also, since we encourage our clients to blog, blog, blog...can you imagine what type of complaints we've received? See above.


Thanks for giving this a thorough review and consideration.

Move Blog Posts and ReOrder, or PIN to top of page.

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided
by TravelWriting on ‎01-14-2017 09:30 AM - last edited on ‎01-15-2017 08:51 AM by Community Manager

It would be great to be ablel to reorder Blog Posts or be able to pin a few to the top of the page.

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided

You could do that now if you update the dates of your blog posts. Since they're all in chronological order, you can control which order they display in by making one older or newer than another. To make a post always on top, set the date far into the future.


Thanks for posting!

More Blog Functionality - Service Businesses NEED This

Status: New Idea
by mjhowell14 on ‎03-21-2017 11:01 AM - last edited on ‎03-21-2017 12:06 PM by Community Manager

I'd like to see a revamp of the Weebly blog that would provide multiple blog format options, as well as a widget that could be integrated with the home page of the website to feature most recent blog posts. Service businesses need better blog functionality!


I'd specifically like to see more Masonry Grid Style designs and flexibility on how to display categories. Categories and archiving can work well in a sidebar, but you provide little flexibility with how to display it. When a website has been up for years, a monthly archive going back years is unnecessary. I'd also love to see categories in a center format menu above the blog so visitors can sort by blog topic easily.


Blog post archive collapsible by year

Status: We're Considering It.
by eyepop on ‎03-23-2016 11:41 AM - last edited on ‎03-30-2016 12:00 PM by Employee Moderator

I would like to have an option to collapse my blog archive by year instead of having all the posts arranged by month. That would free up much space in the sidebar.CBA.png

Status: We're Considering It.

Hi, @eyepop and community members!


The product team is considering your idea at the moment. Yay!


If you're interested un update blog organization, please vote for this idea!


Thanks, and enjoy your day!


Blog Page Number & Sub-categories

Status: We're Considering It.
by 12point on ‎05-01-2017 07:15 PM - last edited on ‎05-02-2017 06:55 AM by Community Manager

Hello, I feel so uncomfortable about blog page.. too basic functions.. my purpose is blogging thats why I bought pro version.. however,


I think that there should be the ability for all blog pages to have page numbers on the bottom (along with the navigation buttons). This means that there is no need for the website visitor to always click the previous and next buttons for if they are wanting to view an older post which could be on page 5 (as an example), then they can click onto page 5 rather than clicking on the previous or next button 5 times...


Second, about categories... actually I want to post about my hobbies and education purpose... so I managing 2 categories(example, education , hobbies) But, If I write about maths on education category.. I cannot manager under the education part...because I cannot set sub- categories.. it shows only education, hobbies, maths like just tag...


so...I think  update these features... blog page botton and sub-categories


what do you think?!


Status: We're Considering It.

Thank you for your suggestion, @12point! We are considering your idea, and I'll pass along further updates as I receive them.


Thanks again!


subscribe to blog feature

Status: New Idea
by deanna on ‎02-23-2017 06:54 AM - last edited on ‎02-23-2017 11:41 AM by Community Manager

will you please create this feature? it makes sense doesn't it? don't you want people to know when we update our blog easily? they should be able to subscribe to our blog. thank you!

My website is all about posting recipes, but it is getting harder and harder to find the recipes when people have to try and remember what month I posted it. Having it organized alphabetically would be a great option for those posting recipes and other similar subjects. Please help this happen by voting. Thanks!

Unpublish Blog Post Function

Status: We're Considering It.
by Justí on ‎11-11-2016 02:17 PM - last edited on ‎05-23-2017 07:49 PM by Employee Moderator

I accidentally published a blog today & realised it cannot be unpublished. Fortunately it's only a day early so I will leave it up & change the post date tomorrow.


Otherwise I would have had to copy & save the text, delete the whole post, re-create it adding the text & re-uploading approximately 30 images, which takes much time.


A simple unpublish would alleviate this potential problem.

Blog backups and exports

Status: We're Considering It.
by Sue on ‎02-05-2016 08:15 AM - last edited on ‎03-24-2016 01:43 PM by Community Manager

I would like to be able to export all the blog content along with the web pages, and have the blog content included when I copy a website within Weebly for backup purposes. As it stands, all that content is unrecoverable.

BLOG: Copy page in it's entirety

Status: New Idea
by cguillot on ‎05-20-2017 01:41 PM - last edited on ‎05-20-2017 03:51 PM by Employee Moderator

Bloggers, let's vote for a feature that allows us to copy a blog in its entirety.

  • Copy blog page with
  • All published blog posts
  • All approved comments
  • RSS Feed

Displaying recent blog posts (snippets) on the home page

Status: New Idea
by Ant on ‎04-16-2016 04:25 PM - last edited on ‎04-19-2016 01:49 PM by Community Manager

Given content is now king, it would be great if we could display our most recent blog/news posts (snippets) on the home page. At the moment it would seem this is a manaul process i.e. recreate them using the build feature. This is both time consuming and double handling. 


Please vote on having an automatic recent blog/news post display feature in Weebly so that we can ensure we get better click through on our sites to more relevant or interesting content for our vistors/clients. This gives them even more reasons to stay on the site longer (i.e. less bounce rate).


This feature could be included in the page build set up where you choose a page style for different sections e.g. about, services, contact, etc.


And/or coud be one of the build features where you insert it manaully or at a later stage once you have started blogging or adding news items.


Look forward to your votes Smiley Happy 



Blog Preview Design Options

Status: New Idea
by brooklynnstreet on ‎12-20-2016 10:42 AM - last edited on ‎12-20-2016 01:04 PM by Community Manager

I love Weebly but the only thing that is REALLY missing is a cutomizable blog. There should be design options on how to preview blog posts. The vertical scrolling doesn't allow you to see everything to click on it. Would love to be able to show off more content on one page.

Default site Thumbnails on Facebook Sharing

Status: New Idea
by ChrisHurrell on ‎06-21-2016 10:41 AM - last edited on ‎05-19-2017 07:51 PM by Employee Moderator



I want to say at the outset, that although I am posting this here as a suggested feature because several Weebly staff have insisted that I do so, I maintain that there are two separate issues. Yes one is a suggestion for a future feature, but that suggestion only comes about in order to solve what appears to be a technical problem with the Weebly platform. What I would really really like is for a Weebly developer to read my intial post here and investigate this problem:


Ok, so that said, the idea is a pretty simple one and its this. There should be an image field in the site settings which is a default image representing the site on social media links and the like. At present, we have no control over what image, sites like facebook scrapes for to represent the site when we are linking to it. 


This feature would work from the user point of view just like (and probalby directly underneath) the favicon field. A place where you can upload your own image. That image would then be placed in the site header with the meta tag og:Image - so that facebook can readily identify it. 



In that way, when we are promoting a page or post that does not have its own embedded image, we would be able to ensure that a good looking image represents the site on places like facebook. 


I won't go too much into the technical failure that is occurring somewhere between weebly's platform and facebook's scraping of weebly site URLs, but could someone please please read my post linked above about this issue. (And If you look around you'll see that other people are having a related issue with blog post images. From my quick test with blog posts from my own sites, its appears that facebook scraping is not detecting an image within a weebly post, despite the fact that the image does meet facebook's size criteria.)


I'll just simplify it to this: placing the following code in the weebly site header in settings, does NOT work for facebook:


<meta property="og:image" content="" />


Compare screenshots of my efforts to promote one of my sites on google plus and facebook. 


This is the site


This is how it shares on google plus, after i have added the meta tag code to the header field: 4. sharing in google plus - PERFECT.png


This is how it shares on facebook

3. sharing in facebook - RUBBISH.png

Generate Permalinks for Scheduled Blog Posts

Status: New Idea
by MrsHallWays on ‎12-19-2016 04:23 PM - last edited on ‎12-20-2016 09:18 AM by Community Manager

Currently, we can only get a secret draft link of any post before it's published, and once the post goes live, that draft link doesn't take anyone to the live post. We need to get a permalink so that we can share the link with others and/or schedule promotions in advance of the post going live. Other blogging platforms do this and it's very useful.

Variety in Blog templates

Status: New Idea
by LuLu on ‎04-27-2017 12:49 PM - last edited on ‎04-28-2017 09:25 PM by Employee Moderator

I am absolutely desperate for a different blog layout. So much so that I have been investigating WordPress and Blogger. But I am also equally desperate not to go through the learning curve or the hassle of changing over. Besides, I love Weebly and recommend it to everyone. However, I find the Weebly blog layout to be old fashioned, and very tedious to navigate to old blog posts.

Please, please, please, please, please Weebly, an updated look in blog templates and some choice. I can see no reason why you cannot do it. You have brilliant designers!

Status: New Idea

Background Color changes for BLOG PAGES

Status: New Idea
by Marco_Wintjens on ‎12-28-2016 04:00 PM - last edited on ‎12-29-2016 07:54 AM by Community Manager

On all the pages you can change the background color, but ... not on a BLOG PAGES. (confirmed by Weebly) If you want to create a solid theme throughout your whole webdesign it isn't possible at this moment. Please give your thumbs up for the implementation of a changeable background color for BLOG PAGES

Permalink for scheduled blog posts

Status: New Idea
by akagarwal on ‎12-03-2016 11:22 AM - last edited on ‎12-04-2016 09:00 AM by Community Manager

A key feature of blogging is linking blog permalinks to help each other out and many blog posts are scheduled. Weebly needs to provide permalinks for scheduled blog posts so that others can use them on their scheduled blog posts so that they can all go live one after the other and be linked.


I know other bloggng sites allow this feature but weebly currently does not.



Grid/Pinterest Layout Option for Blog

Status: New Idea
by caycreate on ‎05-25-2016 11:34 AM - last edited on ‎06-03-2016 12:15 PM by Employee Moderator

The Pinterest-style grid layout is one of my favorites when scrolling through a blog, and I know many others feel the same way. It would be nice to have different layout options, including this one, when setting up your blog page.