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by AngelXAces on ‎01-09-2017 07:25 AM - last edited on ‎01-09-2017 08:07 AM by Community Manager

I did my pre-search using what's in my idea labels

Weebly prides itself on it's ability to facilitate e Commerce business in a relatively simple, user friendly environment, does it not? Well, as they should, in my opinion, but there's always more work to be done and opportunity to grow. I think this is something that will be be an inevitability. For some, business owners are the target market.

I'm not suggesting turning the community into a shopping mall. You'll see a post here and there of someone who need some, "I don't want a walk through just do it for me," kind of help help and they offer compensation. Though it's not really encouraged to do that, if it's discouraged its hardly noticeable and really shouldn't be. I think a section for something similar to a classified  section for help wanted or who's available.

As far as liability...


Weebly would be in a good place because of all the options it's created. Make dev/designer (writers and other freelance can should be able to work with one or the other) accounts the only ones that can respond to these and then block their ability to accept real payment leaving only the testing capabilities intact. Make a big notice that It is against weebly policy to facilitate payment between members for services rendered as well as some of the dangers that come with it Yes, people will jump on another account to take the payments or use a donation box to collect. At that point they're showing they are fully aware of the policy and actively trying to get around it. Most people with just get a paypal real quick (if they don't have one already for their checkout) and do it there but this way since the compensation wasn't exchanged on Weebly, the only thing they could be blamed for is owning the environment in which two people met.

Or they could extend their liability insurance to include potential hazards that come along with something like this which they may not have to do because there's a good chance that it already does.

Honestly, if your contribution to ideas is, "can't, liability issues" Then don't bother. The fact is...

that you don't know what kind of coverage a business has  or if an idea supports others currently in question making coverage extension a viable option. The, "Liability," response is only valid from a member of the company who holds a position to know the policy AND can speak on the company's behalf (and the only people I want to hear that from). Anyone else just thinks they look smarter than the person with the idea because they found a theory as to why it won't work and they state it as fact (hey, I was guilty of it too before I put some thought into it). Most people know when there's risk, they ask because it might be worth finding a cost effective safety net.


Every rough draft falls short. You look smart when you find a way to make things work

Status: Archived