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More flexibility for weebly elements

Status: Archived
by DezignerDude ‎05-01-2016 09:21 PM - edited ‎05-04-2016 11:17 PM

There are predefined Weebly elements that anyone can drag n drop, and there are those custom script elements.

That is all fine, yet every-time one has to add/edit a new style, have to go into the editor to edit and coming back in HTML/CSS files to adjust a class or an id tag. It's too much of back and forth. Specially for Custom Elements, and there are many who are likely to add their own styles, even if the theme isnt their own.


One of the users in weebly community had suggested making a list of elements, it's a good idea, but only gives a 'movement' attribute to them. I believe it would be better, if along the 'copy / move' element options, there are following options for each element. 


• element naming (as of now they all have very long numbers as IDs if inspected) 

• add a class (.) Or add an ID (#) (this creates class/ID in CSS file, & opens a tiny writer to add real-time CSS)

• move to bottom/top (this is easier way to move elements, since some computer with slow memory get frozen while dragging the elements and that's frustrating) 

• move before/after 'certain id tag/name' element (easier movement)

• hide/unhide the element (at times one would want to quickly hide the element, just temporary) 

• Predefined width in %. 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, etc. That will help in adding custom layouts. without dragging.



There could be a 'basic' and an 'advanced' user option to show hide all options mentioned above. 


Above features should be there among the already existing basic features on each element like

• Move to a certain page

• Copy 

• "Dragger"

• Delete



Looking forward to more such easier features and more suggestions on this. 

Status: Archived