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Store Locator

Status: New Idea
by Will1 Wednesday - last edited Thursday by Community Manager

I would like it if Weebly had the ability to create a simple 'Store Locator' for wholesale businesses who go to market utilising a distribution network.  You would be familiar with entering your post code and the tool finding the closest retailer to you who stocks the product/brand you are after.



Paypal has the customers details, so for customers paying with paypal, they should be able to skip the form filling and just pay with Paypal.

Being able to purchase something quickly is a must have feature and if it's not going to be adressed it makes me weary of sticking with weebly in the future.

A single button that links to multiple buy buttons

Status: New Idea
by KateDouglas Tuesday - last edited Wednesday by Community Manager

I'm wondering if you already offer such a thing--I'm an author and I want to list all of my books on a single page (there are a lot of them from multiple publishers) and do it the way they're set up in On that site, I can click on a single button that says "Buy Book" and it brings up a small box with links to Amazon, BN, Kobo, iBooks, & Google Play.


All I'm looking for is a way to bring up a simple list of buttons that I can add links to. Does such a creature exist with Weebly?


thank you!

Kate Douglas

The title says it all. I submitted this a year ago, still no movement.


What the heck? No individual gets turned off by a "Buisness Name" line in the checkout... but every Buisness On Earth treats me like I don't actually do B2B sales!


Cmon Weebly! I love you! You are the ones who taught me how easy it is to drop that line into the checkout shipping address and billing address! Just make it a priority please!

Status: Duplicate

It looks like this was posted earlier in a similar Vote on Features post, so I'm going to close this as a duplicate so everyone votes on one topic:

COD and a payment gateway we can choose

Status: Duplicate
by NSINewZealand Tuesday - last edited Tuesday by Community Manager

This is not a new subject but I am going over old ground as the lack of response by Weebly on this is not acceptable. We want a COD and an option to use our own payment gateways. I put this up a year ago with no answer from Weebly explaining why this cannot be implemented, if you can set up what you currently do you can set this up.

One thing I have seen is this idea comes up regulary and all Weebly does is marks it as a duplicate, yes it might be duplicated but the reason why it keeps on coming up is that it is a MUST for an Ecommerce site. Other website builders allow it why not Weebly?


Please answer these questions below Weebly:


Why do we not have a COD option?

Why do we not have an option to use our own payment gateway?

Status: Duplicate

We have an older post on Vote on Features for COD that I recommend adding kudos to, @NSINewZealand:


Also, I would recommend making a separate post for any particular payment provider you want to use, since it would need to implemented on an individual basis.

bulk Price editing

Status: New Idea
by UniqueLED 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

Please Please enable something where we can bulk price change. I have over 400 items and most of them have many options. It is a nightmare to change prices. 

Automated Follow Up

Status: New Idea
by auntbe a week ago - last edited a week ago by Community Manager

I would like a way to create an automated follow up letter that is delivered 3 weeks after an online purchase. This would check on how the customer is enjoying their urchase, ask for a review and give them a link to do so and also to make other product recommendations based on their purchases.

File Upload as Product Option

Status: Duplicate
by jgb a week ago - last edited a week ago by Community Manager

Include a File Upload as an option on the product page.  Uploaded file would then be attached to the product through checkout. 

This would be a great tool for personalizing items with photos, logos, or user supplied art and allowing the shopper to upload files during the transaction.  Woudl also be useful for CAD/3D/CNC purposes with non-graphic files.

Status: Duplicate

Looks like we have another post about this - I'd recommend adding kudos to that to show your support:

Allow Editing in the Checkout Cart

Status: New Idea
by Creature 4 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

I have multiple issues with the Weebly Checkout cart. 

1. the visual icons used are not industry standards

     -small blue card next to the paypal icon, does not communicate that I take all major credit cards       clearly, I would love to be able to create a work around my self by being able to insert a small banner within the cart that would contain images of my accepted payments

2. my cart does not work AT ALL on a phone at the moment. The bug with the cart on phones has been reported for over 6 months

  - there is no workaround for this per se, but I would like to be able to add additional info text to the check out screen that says something to the effect of "if you have any experiences checking out, please contact me directly and I can assist you" . There is currently no way to add anything to customize the checkout cart system. 


Enabling the ability to customize the cart is greatly needed.


Ability to add 'Upsells' on each product page like amazon's "Frequently Bought Together"

Status: New Idea
by MK777 on ‎03-15-2017 12:12 PM - last edited on ‎03-15-2017 12:14 PM by Community Manager

On each product page, we would like to see an extension that offers quick, drag and drop, add ons or upsells accessory items. Much like the amazon set up of "Frequently bought together" but it shows products that we designate.


There is plenty of extra space on each individual product page where customers actually buy. If we could show multiple accessory items right below, a small description and price for those items and a add to cart button for each, Im sure sales would increase for everyone, as currently each customer has to go to multiple product pages to add everything to their cart individually. You can currently edit each individual product page and add accessory item images and links, but it doesn't drop them strait to cart. And I have 60+ product pages that we would like to add this feature to.

Thank you for your vote. Smiley Very Happy

Abandoned Cart Apps

Status: New Idea
by emmodg on ‎03-24-2017 08:19 AM - last edited on ‎03-26-2017 08:43 AM by Community Manager

PLEASE allow us to use the incredible amount of 3rd party abandoned cart apps that almost every other web service lets their customers use!!!!!! These apps are MUCH less expensive than having to pay you all almost $600 for a bunch of stuff we don't need just to get an abandoned cart app.



Coupon user view

Status: New Idea
by LoriF 3 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Community Manager

In the Coupons section of my store settings, it would be cool if you could click a coupon and get a list of the related orders that used it.

Customizing Checkout Experience To Our Own Preferences!

Status: New Idea
by localtrends on ‎05-18-2016 09:09 AM - last edited on ‎05-18-2016 10:11 AM by Employee Moderator

It would be great if we can customize our checkout fields to the way we want just like the contact forms and survey form elements. For instance, there are some fields that come by default such as Region and Zip which are pretty lame and unwanted for me, and so I would like to remove them from letting the user enter such information as they won't benefit me at all. Nevertheless, we should have the ability to also insert as many fields as we like in case there are some mandatory fields not placed in the default checkout. Furthermore, it would also be nice if we can have a tick box below the fields that states the user to save his/her credentials locally on their PC the next time they come to checkout so that they won't need to retype everything again. It would surely bring better sales for my business for minimizing and reducing the hassles. Last but not least, it would be super great if we can specify different rates for different shipping method services, ex: the user selects/picks from a drop-down "Express Shipping / Standard Shipping / Royal Shipping / Same-Day Shipping / International Shipping, and so on..." We can define these names to our own liking as well as set different charge fees for each. Well, nough said. If I had missed anything, then don't hesitate to comment below. All feedback is much appreciated. Smiley Wink

Newly added items to top of category

Status: New Idea
by Dot_Minnies a month ago - last edited 4 weeks ago by Community Manager

We're putting many hours in to adding new items to our site, but the newly added ones go to the bottom of the list in each category so we spend a lot more time going through each category and dragging the new ones to the top.  If the new ones went to the top instead of the bottom, it would save us a ton of time.  Thanks!

Loyalty Rewards (Ecommerce)

Status: New Idea
by ICED on ‎03-23-2017 11:45 AM - last edited on ‎03-23-2017 12:11 PM by Community Manager

i think it would be great if Weebly either came out with or got an app for a loyalty reward program.


The loyalty reward program could work that costumers can log into an account and when they purchase products they get points. At some point the customer will be able to pick rewards that the editor of the site can set.



I have been trying to attract more customers to my website, and I think this could be a real boost for the small businesses that are using weebly like my business. (My small business is a personalized stationery business where I draw all the designs myself. You can check it out at if you want a better idea of what I mean). 



Store Configuration

Status: New Idea
by crubiop 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago by Community Manager

I would like to recommend that you include Colombian pesos in the store. We have been using Weebly for our website for more than 4 years, now we need to use the store. Thanks,


Status: New Idea
by Creature on ‎03-09-2017 01:30 AM - last edited 3 weeks ago




The option to add text in the cart of our ecomerce website

Status: New Idea
by Merci on ‎03-13-2017 04:40 PM - last edited on ‎03-14-2017 09:29 AM by Community Manager


I think it would very good to be able to add text and links in the cart (for example, to put the link of the terms of sells). I think that it is kind of a basic option that is missing.


Thank you

Credit Card / Chrome Compatiblity

Status: New Idea
by sammansen 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago by Community Manager

Received this feedback below from one of our customers: 


"The credit card form is not compatible with Chrome's auto fill that is silly.

Most of the stuff I buy small websites rather than amazon and co is because Chromes makes it painless to fill address and credit card info.

Removing the default value which is filled with "0000" could fix that."

Ability to sort products in store view

Status: Duplicate
by CulinarySolvent a month ago - last edited a month ago by Community Manager

I cannot make sense of how weebly organizes the products in the back end of my storefront.  It is definitly not using the product title, price, sku, modified time, or product id. 


Please add a feature to sort the products list in our storefront by clicking on the heading of the table where products are listed in the Store>>Products view. thanks.

Status: Duplicate

There was an earlier post to Vote on Features about this that I recommend you add kudos to: