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Please include the features of the old image editor in the updated one

Status: New Idea
by Judy1 on ‎01-02-2017 02:38 PM - last edited on ‎01-02-2017 03:06 PM by Community Manager

When the people at Weebly updated the image editor, they dropped the option of adding and layering extra images in the image editor. This means in my case that I have to prepare my images in Photoshop before uploading, which takes extra time, and can only be done when I'm editing with my PC. 

Athough the old image editor was a bit slow, it had much better features: a larger 'canvas'; the ability to resize images, and the ability to upload and layer multiple images to create new pictures.

Please add these really convenient features back into the image editor.

Undo Button

Status: We're Working on It.
by mandismuses on ‎02-26-2016 10:29 PM

I love that Weebly saves automatically, because it helps if the computer shuts down, we lose power, I'm being blonde and click the wrong thing, etc. However, sometimes you do something and then want to smack yourself because you screwed something up. It'd be so awesome to have "save points" or an "Undo" button, to where you can make or undo changes until you hit that big 'ol publish button, then it flushes the save points. This way, even if something does happen, computer shuts down, whatever, if you haven't clicked "publish", you know the site saved a few save points up till that point, so you wouldn't worry so much if you clicked the wrong thing right before the apocalypse happened and you broke something Smiley Happy

Access to image directory / File Manager

Status: New Idea
by cloonans on ‎02-26-2016 09:08 AM - last edited on ‎05-15-2016 10:18 AM by Community Manager

In other CMS platforms, the user has the ability to scroll through their image directory, so if you need an image again or on another page in the site, you can just reference it just like we already have the ability to do with files.  Currently, as far as I can tell, the only way to reference a previously used image is to find it on the site and use the URL or to upload it again.  Especially with photos, it would be nice not to have to keep the original files on a hard drive once they've been uploaded to the site.  I've had a few times where i had to search through blog histories to find a file I needed a year later.  If the image directory was easily available, I could have just selected the file from a list.

Fix the Page Navigation in Editor / Collapsible Pages

Status: New Idea
by kj on ‎03-31-2016 04:23 AM - last edited on ‎04-21-2016 01:07 PM by Community Manager

When editting a site with anything more than a few pages, the lefthand page navigation becomes very unwieldy. At the very least there should be a way to collapse nested pages. This is another example of something in Weebly very basic I can't believe needs to be suggested.

Scheduled updates for non-blog pages

Status: New Idea
by luminstruct on ‎05-24-2016 09:03 PM

Let me first start off by saying that I loved the scheduled post feature for blog posts which can post at a certain time instead of an immediate publish.


I wanted to see if it is possible to build this feature into other "non-blog" areas.


For example:

On my homepage, I have a "picture of the week" section. It would be very helpful to be able to schedule certain updates to the pages ahead of time instead of logging on early in the morning every Monday to post a picture.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Best wishes,


Main Blog Page Collapse

Status: New Idea
by AbbyCampbell ‎03-04-2016 06:36 AM - edited ‎03-11-2016 06:24 AM

While Weebly allows us to feature a certain number of blogs on the main blog page, I would like to see an option for collapsing the blogs on those pages. For instance, I would like my readers to be able to come to my page and see more titles with a short description and smaller picture. They can then click on the title of their choosing to read the full blog. In addition, it would be nice to be able to do something similar in the blog sidebar. Please see the picture below to see what I mean.





Superscript/Subscript Feature

Status: New Idea
by crystalfugue on ‎03-29-2016 09:49 AM - last edited on ‎03-30-2016 09:23 AM by Employee Moderator

Please add a superscript/subscript feature to the text editor! Thank yoU!

Product Page Improvements

Status: We're Working on It.
by Creature on ‎03-06-2016 08:26 PM

1. Ability to Delete Multiple Products at once from the Product Page

It would be great to have the ability to delete mulitple products at once from the product page by being able to select a handfull and then select a "delete seleted" function just like the capabilities of most email software. 


2. A number at the top of the Products Page, showing you the total number of products you currently have uploaded and the number that are currently live/actively for sale in your site visible to visitors (published/unpublished). 


3. Ability to use the little gear at the right of each product to do more than "duplicate" "unpublish" or "delete" while on the product page. I would love to be able to drop my products into and/or remove from categories from the product page.



Status: We're Working on It.

Thanks for the suggestions. I've made a note about #2 and #3 as things to look into. As for #1, we are actively working on this right now and you should see an update soon on it!

Preview blog post before publishing

Status: New Idea
by Ning on ‎07-17-2016 11:19 PM

I submitted this idea on Saturday, 16/7 and it seemed to be misplaced somewhere. So I searched the site for advice and came across similar problem encountered by Sue and in that thread a suggestion was made to log out and log in and resubmit the idea. Hence this resubmission.


"I was writing a new blog post the other day and uploaded a file from my computer to be embeded in my story. I wasn't sure if the file was placed correctly and had no way to find out except to publish it first. So I did and found the file was corrupted. I tried to unpublish that post but there was none. I had to delete it and rewrite everything all over again. This is cumbersome. As English is not my mother tongue, editing the post right away is rather impossible. Besides I was only half way through.

It would be really helpful if we can preview our blog post to check if the file or images or other links actually work before finally make it available online."


Full bleed responsive colored backgrounds

Status: We're Working on It.
by toushine on ‎03-03-2016 10:21 PM - last edited on ‎03-24-2016 02:18 PM by Employee Moderator

Notice on this site ( how below the main banner image there is a grey background field behind the text? And then another at the bottom of the page in bright yellow? 


This element is the main component that separates the elegance of square space to weebly.


Is creating a solid background behind text areas possible in weebly (with a full bleed)? If Weebly could pull this off I would be thrilled. I truly think it would take things to the next level for all of us!





Align, distribute, size images and elements

Status: New Idea
by dsj on ‎03-03-2016 09:40 PM

I'd love a simple tool that would allow me to select items on a page and then align them (top, bottom, middle, left, right or center) and distribute them evenly vertically or horizontally. Also, it would be great to include a feature that would allow a selection of images to be sized the same. This would be such a time saver!

"Sandbox" or development environment

Status: New Idea
by furnaceX on ‎07-05-2016 02:34 PM - last edited on ‎07-07-2016 04:45 PM by Employee Moderator

Create a development environment that allows users to try out feature (and features of the higher-level packages) without needing to pay for two website.  For example, if I already have a paid account and site, I may want to make a copy of that site and do major changes/upgrades to it before making it "public".  I may want to understand and experiement with how the customer account features work. Once I've made the changes and have it all working, I would redirect my URL from the old site to the new site.  And the old site would no longer be active.


The development environment could have an obtrusive watermark, disabled transactions, password protected, hidden from search engines, weebly subdomain only, etc.


And this is a great way for customers to learn about more advanced features in the the higher account levels. Once they build in the feature, they will understand it and be more apt to upgrade. 


Multiple Blog Authors

Status: New Idea
by MrsAPS on ‎07-09-2016 02:25 PM - last edited on ‎08-04-2016 06:40 PM by Employee Moderator

At the moment the blog is very limited in displaying authors.  You can only add one author to the page.  We have kind of worked around this, but I think an ability to have multiple authors and filter by author would be great.

let users contribute to proper language translation of the platform

Status: New Idea
by dO on ‎06-30-2016 02:29 AM - last edited on ‎06-30-2016 10:22 AM by Employee Moderator

Hy, I have seen that there are a lot of words on the weebly platform in italian, german, french ecc that are not translated well. Please let user contribute to proper language translation somehow.

for example:Schermata 2016-06-30 alle 12.27.27.png Antemprima ok (preview) Metti Online - Not ok ! Ok is Pubblica 
On the designer platform in italian: 
Schermata 2016-06-30 alle 12.27.40.png Here are 4 words in italian and one in english. Please change Store with Negozio 
This errors are not everywhere, For example on the MySites side, Pubblica (publish) it is translated corectly. Negozio (store) is still in english. 

Maybe it is useful to create a e-mail adress or something where to send those reports indicating the language and specifying where the problem was seen. I mean Google Translation is ok but not for I business platform. 

Editor Access

Status: New Idea
by glamcompjewelry on ‎04-03-2016 10:48 AM - last edited on ‎04-19-2016 03:02 PM by Community Manager

I would like to be able to limit the access of my site editors so that they are unable to see my account info, stats, sales, store dashboard etc. Weebly should change the access limitations so that they are more specific, so that the site/business owners can protect their private information - only allowing the site editors to make changes to the pages & look of the site.

The Dreaded Footer

Status: New Idea
by mandismuses on ‎03-08-2016 10:31 AM

Most of us hate the Weebly footer. It's ugly and obnoxious. However, many of us have multiple sites with Weebly, and can't afford to update all of them to Starter sites, especially with the starter site price increase. I realize that Weebly has to make money, which is why I've stayed and why I've upgraded several of my sites to Starter sites.


However, paying for features we don't want, need, or use is a ridiculous business model. Even when we manage to hide the footer, Weebly changes coding so our efforts don't work anymore. Instead of trying to force us to have the thing, why not give some options? I've even listed a few to jump-start the process.


1- If one site on the account is upgraded, allow other sites on that account to have a free footer removal as a "Thank you for being a paying customer" gesture.


2- Allow people to link to Weebly elsewhere. Instead of forcing us to have the ugly footer, allow us to click a check box that we have linked to Weebly on another page of the site, maybe even force us to add in a link to where the Weebly advertisement is, just as a security measure. I think all of us long-term Weebly users would gladly post "Hey, this site is made on Weebly and Weebly is awesome!" somewhere on their site that THEY choose and can customize the looks of.


3- Paid footer removal. Allow us to pay something like $4-$8 a year to remove the footer from the websites. Many were using the Starter websites to do this because at $29 for 6 months, it was relatively cheap. It's not as cheap anymore to justify saying "I won't use any other part of this starter upgrade, so I'm going to pay $60 every 6 months JUST to make my website look cleaner. I myself canceled a few starter plans recently, because I wasn't using any feature but the footer removal, and it didn't make sense to continue paying for it. We're not adding a domain or using any other features, so the footer should be an add-on. Same with using a domain... giving us an a-la carte option for the things people actually USE in the upgraded packages would be nice. I'd gladly pay $3 a month to remove the footer and add a previously bought domain to a site. Heck, at that price, I'd upgrade ALL my sites. Being more affordable for smaller options can only help Weebly in the long run.


4- Post a Weebly review somewhere, link to it, and have the custom footer option added to the site of your choosing at no extra charge. If you have multiple sites, you have to post reviews on different websites, one for each site. It's a great way to get Weebly more in the public eye, get positive reviews from users that are happy to have that option, and to entice others to take a 2nd look at the new Weebly. 

Password Protect individual pages

Status: New Idea
by Reikilight on ‎03-31-2016 10:29 AM - last edited on ‎04-08-2016 03:52 PM by Employee Moderator

I would like Weebly to offer explanations for the choices that we make for our website. Ex. Such as a (?) offered after the subject that we can hit to understand.


I opted for website password in the Mobile App, thinking it was an added protection for only me to update my website.

i had no idea that I was locking my website for others to view.

This has cost me sales and interest for classes and other offerings. 

Very disappointed in this area to say the least in Weebly's effort to help us build our site!


Apps Persistant Across Sites

Status: We're Considering It.
by ProgBot on ‎03-03-2016 09:41 PM

There are a number of apps I would like to always have access to, like the one for the tab element. It would be nice to specify if you want it available across all your sites.

Status: We're Considering It.

Ah, got it. This is the first time I've heard this request, but I'm curious to know if others would also want this functionality. Let's see if this is a common need of other Weebly customers before we decide what to do.

Arranging Products Improvements

Status: New Idea
by Creature on ‎03-09-2016 01:51 PM

As I struggle to visually organize the orientation of hundreds of products, I find myself wishing for something more than just drag and drop capabilities. Those 12 spots at the top of my featured products page (or any of my shop category pages for that matter) is prime visual real estate. Those images need to have the most visual impact and present my work well, because we all know that the average online attention span of an online shopper is fairly brief. 


The current way to organize the top spots and arrange product is to hold down on the three little bars to the left of every product image in the store interface and to drag them up and down to change their chronological order. That is all well and good when dealing with a handful of items. However, if you have 250 listings and you are trying to drag item number 159, way down on the bottom all the way up to the top, the drag and drop and scroll method can become a bit cumbersome. My suggestion is to add in addition to the ability to rearrange via drag and drop the ability to organize chronologically through inputting a number to the left of each listing. That would make quick work of changing out the top 12 images or the order of images in an entire category.  I have attached an image that illustrates what I am talking about for reference. Etsy's wholesale listing manager already utilizes a similar feature for linesheets which helps stores with large inventories quickly shuffle their best designs to the top of every category and it does save me a lot of time. product_arrange.jpg

Blog Comments

Status: New Idea
by mandismuses on ‎02-26-2016 03:14 PM

Please make these an element that we can drag and drop, add or delete.


Some of us don't have comments on our blog open, but when we close them, we still have the ugly comment section at the bottom with "CLOSED" marked on it. It looks incredibly unprofessional. It'd be super aweseome to be able to remove that, and then put that comment element where WE wanted it to be, like on a review page.