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As a small nonprofit organization, we need our email marketing tool to serve also as a database for our contacts. When we enter information for a contact (email address, physical address, phone number, birthday, notes, etc.) we want to be able to export all that data into a single spreadsheet to share with other volunteers, to keep records, and to occasionally send physical mail to our donors.


The current "Export Contacts" button in Weebly Promote includes only a few of the fields about each contact. If we could export complete data for our contacts, we would use Weebly Promote for our email marketing.

Status: Hurray! We're Done!

Our Promote team has made this idea a reality! Thank you so much for your suggestion.

Export Orders by Product

Status: New Idea
by KG3 on ‎03-14-2017 10:53 AM - last edited on ‎03-15-2017 12:13 PM by Community Manager

We have a service based business.  People sign up for classes that we offer on certain dates.  Two or three times each week we have to identify what customers have signed up for which class.  To do that we have to export ALL of our orders and then filter in Excel.  


The abilty to export orders by product would be very, very helpful!  Instead of exporting all of our orders (which is in the hundreds) each week, we could only export the orders related to that particular product (class).  


If you have a service based product, I'm sure you can relate!


Please Weebly, can you help make this process easier?

Download Product List to CSV File

Status: Hurray! We're Done!
by Jomama on ‎04-13-2016 04:18 AM - last edited on ‎04-19-2016 02:18 PM by Community Manager

Editing products through the weebly edit interface is fine if you are just making a change to one product.  However, if you wanted to make a change affecting multiple products e.g. to slash prices on all 25 items in a certain category, that would be time consuming, error prone and tedious.  


My idea is to add the ability to download the entire product list to a CSV file on your local computer.  Then, you could easily edit your product prices, descriptions, etc. in MS Excel or Notepad.  When you were done editing, you could quickly and easily upload them back into your weebly store using the "Upload from Anywhere" feature.


Thanks for your votes!

Order Report Enhancement - See Details of Orders

Status: New Idea
by carrie389 on ‎12-04-2016 08:02 AM - last edited on ‎12-04-2016 08:56 AM by Community Manager

It would be great if there was a way to create an order report that listed the specifics of the items ordered.  Right now, we can see the person who ordered but not what they ordered.  I have to manually add this info whenever I export the info from Weebly.  Since the item (product) title is available in Weebly, it would be great to generate reports that included this info.


It would also be great if the order details came over to the payment processor.  Sometimes it takes quite a while to figure these out when our treasurer is trying to reconcile payments made and received.


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Ability to Export Orders by Category

Status: New Idea
by Mark2polo on ‎04-20-2017 08:18 AM - last edited on ‎04-20-2017 12:12 PM by Community Manager

At the moment you only have the option to select "all order" or "orders in a date range."


It would be very helpful to be able to export orders by category.   We manage online apparel stores for different high school, clubs, and teams.   This feature would be great to see how each individual group is selling and a way to better close out the accounting year for each group.