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Add Conditioning For Contact Forms

Status: New Idea
by tradey on ‎05-22-2017 01:35 AM - last edited on ‎05-22-2017 07:49 AM by Community Manager

It would be great if we had the ability to set certain conditions for text inputs on our forms such as limit the amount of characters a user can type like 50 for instance. Or only allow special characters to be typed in a particular fields like numbers only. Please add this weebly as it is very essential for my business. Thank you for your consideration.

Weebly Contact Forms Should Integrate with External Autoresponders (Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Aweber

Status: New Idea
by Barry_Price on ‎03-09-2017 03:42 PM - last edited on ‎03-10-2017 12:15 PM by Community Manager

What's the use of letting me build forms on weebly if I can only send that data to your own in-house autoresponder platform? This is the 21st century guys, online businesses use multiple platforms to get things done! It's a real disadvantage to me that I cannot use your weebly form design and integrate with my existing list and database. Please add integration functions for major 3rd party autoresponders.


Thank you.


Status: New Idea
by LaurasDesk ‎01-09-2017 12:21 PM - edited ‎01-10-2017 12:01 PM

Dividers and Section Titles do not print out at all. 

The form output is unorganized and unattractive.

WORST: Check boxes result in a number. The recipient must then compare the form to the website form online, to manually count the options and and figure out which selection was made.  Radio buttons are a possible workaround but a) not if you want more than one selection and b) you still see a number corresponding chronologically to the selection. Why? This is terrible.


The forms should appear organized and suitable for printing, filing and referring to in the future, bringing along in hardcopy to an interview, forwarding to others. Lets make the printed form look similar to the online version!

At the very least, lets print dividers and section headers, and print out the text for the checkbox selections. 

submitted by Laura Hill, of Laura's Desk




Form (Conditional Inputs)

Status: New Idea
by Shvan on ‎04-04-2017 02:29 PM - last edited on ‎04-05-2017 08:58 AM by Community Manager

As I know, the tools of form makings of weebly are very limited and can't be used to give a good look and functioning on the website. I tried most of the third party forms but they were either not responsive with the site contents, or they were also having a limited functionality.


What I suggest for weebly to work on is making the forms smarter, by giving conditional functions like; (if, or,...)

e.g., Showing one type of form contents when an option is previously chosen in a specific form by the "options button" and the "drop down box" and showing another type of contents when another option is chosen.

And, giving error when someone is trying to input another text other than what is required by the text fields. like specifying only a limited number for a number field, and recognizing the for the email fields, and also, limited letters could be entered in a text field.

And I also suggest that weebly would provide another button for choosing a quantity number. by having the tools of increasing/decreasing the number with the upward and downward arrow.


And if possible, "multi-page forms" is a great way to create forms. like; putting fields of the same category of data and information on one page of the form, and when the user finishes with inputting in that page, it could directly switch to another page with a different field category.


I would kindly ask others to vote for my idea to let weebly be the number one tool for website creation.



Automatically add submissions to a web page

Status: New Idea
by troop1mendham on ‎03-09-2017 04:20 PM - last edited on ‎03-10-2017 12:14 PM by Community Manager

For all of us supporting form entry (text box entries, radio button choices, etc), it would be great if when they're submitted the entry could be automatically added to a list somewhere on the page.


For example, my site has lots of trip signup forms, where users enter their name and email.  Whenever we get a signup, I'd like the name automatically updated to a list on the page so all users can see who's signup up for the trip.

Customizable welcome letter upon registration

Status: New Idea
by dpalc on ‎03-22-2017 06:23 AM - last edited on ‎03-22-2017 01:52 PM by Community Manager

I'd like new members to receive an automated welcome message that is customizable for my site. It seems like this should be an included feature for business accounts since we are paying quite a bit for the feature to have membership access only. Once members receive approved site access, an automated welcome letter is necessary. I need it to include details such as what members can post, what the terms of use are, etc.

Enable us to block the emails of SPAMMERS

Status: New Idea
by makingamark on ‎12-05-2016 07:41 AM - last edited on ‎12-05-2016 08:38 AM by Community Manager

Speaking personally - but I suspect I'm not alone on this matter - we need a way of blocking emails used to generate form responses from SPAMMERS!

I can't block an email using gmail because all it does is block emails from which is attached to all the email addresses used by form respondents.


What I'd like to see is a way of blocking email addresses who are spamming (almost invariably selling website services!) from within Weebly.

Integrate Weebly Contact Forms with Google Sheets

Status: New Idea
by whiteraven on ‎11-27-2016 01:55 PM - last edited on ‎11-28-2016 08:55 AM by Community Manager

It would be great if data entered on contact forms could automatically sync with a google sheet. So there is no need to manually download form data and import into sheets, but the data which a customer enters into my contact form would automatically sync into a google sheet spreadsheet. 

Date and Time on Form Entries

Status: Archived
by drdickie on ‎04-12-2016 12:32 PM - last edited on ‎04-19-2016 02:21 PM by Community Manager

As I understand it, all times shown on notification forms are based on US Pacific time.  I would like to suggest that web site operators be able to set the time zone for their forms.  For example, I would like all my times and dates to be listed in US Eastern time.  I use "first come, first served" requirements a lot and it would make it simpler if they were all based on my local time.

Status: Archived

RSVP forms should not accept submissions after specified date

Status: New Idea
by BGSS on ‎02-05-2017 10:15 AM - last edited on ‎02-05-2017 11:38 AM by Community Manager

If what is stated in the title is too difficult to implement, there should be any option (like in Google Forms) to turn off the form manually.

Omitting non-selected option in drop-down menu in the email generated.

Status: New Idea
by ACSC on ‎01-17-2017 06:42 PM - last edited on ‎01-19-2017 11:07 AM by Community Manager

A drop down menu to allow customer/visitor to select the option they want to submit, while leaving the non-desired options untouched/blank. Would be helpful to have the "non-desired" options omitted from the email sent to me.

Opt-in forms

Status: Archived
by doctormolly on ‎03-24-2016 05:11 PM - last edited on ‎03-25-2016 02:49 PM by Community Manager

You have opt-in forms but they are very basic, and as with the inability to create a text box or background color to a text box, it has no background so it looks very average. You do have landing page abilities, but they are a little clunky and restrict design. I prefer your forms, but they don't look good. We should have form type options and then the ability to change colors or pick a color format.

The more you can provide options like these, rather than having to search your apps, the more people will know the Weebly brand, rather than some app builders brand. The process of having to go find an app to do these things, like, detracts from your brand.  

Status: Archived

Capcha protected forms

Status: Archived
by unnagy on ‎04-11-2016 09:58 AM - last edited on ‎04-19-2016 02:28 PM by Community Manager

Hi, I noticed one my web forms is being spammed regularly. I belive it would be important for Weebly to come up with a Capcha reader on all Weebly forms your users are creating in order to maintain a high level of security for all your users and clients.

Status: Archived
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In the Contact Form fields, information is captured in a spreadsheet, that can then be exported. I am interested in being able to add the Checkbox Element to that Contact Form, so that boxes checked by the person registering are also linked and entered on the Contact Table, so I can gather more information, through their selections, about the registrant that can be exported for future use.

Status: New Idea

I'm not sure what you mean by "Contact Table", @DougB. Checkboxes are included in form export CSVs, but I'm not clear on what you want to integrate that with.

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Doesn't auto-save forms

Status: New Idea
by HugoSworks1955 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

We are using Weebly for forms and uploadin files for admin etc from staff in the field. This works really well, except there is no function for autosave and allowing the staff memeber to return to that form and continue to complete it and then to submit.

Staff not happy and I'm sue this is not a first in this "weebly" community. 

Any thought?



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Photo Capture

Status: Please, Tell Us More.
by AdamC on ‎06-08-2017 12:11 PM - last edited on ‎06-08-2017 01:30 PM by Community Manager

Allow viewers/customers to click on a button and have them able to take a photo using their camera on either the front of their cell phone or a webcam (desktop). 

For us, we take photo measurements using the 'contact form' which was made into an Online Ordering Form. But customers can only "Upload' a photo and not take a photo if needed.

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Data listinbg

Status: Alternative Suggestion Provided
by mickyjob on ‎05-21-2017 01:48 PM - last edited on ‎05-22-2017 07:52 AM by Community Manager

I am looking to build a listing of specific person with thei name, address, email and phone number, inviting users to fill it out. I can't find any apps doing that. Which one should I use for that purpose?

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Change placeholders

Status: New Idea
by wmb_juice on ‎05-10-2017 11:11 AM - last edited on ‎05-10-2017 12:02 PM by Community Manager

How do you change placeholders in weebly forms? 

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sender address in gmail inbox from contact forms

Status: New Idea
by johnadriaenssen on ‎04-24-2017 12:58 PM - last edited on ‎04-24-2017 01:41 PM by Community Manager

When people fill out our contactform and send it, it gets send to our gmail account.

The name of the sender however is always "noreply" so our inbox is full of "noreply, me" emails.

People do fill out their email address on the form and we can reply to them via the email itself.

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Simple Button

Status: New Idea
by TASAS on ‎04-16-2017 07:54 PM - last edited on ‎04-17-2017 07:46 AM by Community Manager

Why don't we have a feature where it is just a simple button, it would send an alert to an email address or add to a public count. You would have to be able to trace someone once they have pressed the button so that there are no spamming threats though.


This feature would allow you and everyone else visiting the page to see how many people have visited and interacted with the website. This is particually good for a website like the one i made (raising awareness for something).